Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[Blogging] [40K] WTF? FTW!

 I blame it all on those guys at TheBack40K.

Some of these guys used to game at the FLGS and then moved away. Somehow I stumbled on their blog, and keenly followed their escapades from afar. I found them about a week before Ron featured them on FTW. I promptly bragged about my "local boys done good" to all my current friends, and continued following TheBack40K guys.

It was Sandwyrm that got me to realize PICTURES would make a world of difference on my blog, and thus my WM mechs and TheDude's Mexi-Marines started showing up on a sorta- regular basis. When I was plugging away a little over two months ago, I never in a MILLION years thought I'd get featured on FTW's Weekly Top Ten. But BAM! here I am:

I know I've been growing (I thought 12 in 7 was crazy? I gained ELEVEN followers in 5 days. That's an average of TWO A DAY!) and I'm beyond grateful. I hope you enjoy my rambunctious, ridiculous self.

As a very special thank you, I have an extraordinary, way fun, ultra-secret surprise waiting in the wings later this week. Stay tuned to see what great stuff I come up with - and take a minute to point out the best underrated blogs YOU know of- so I can return the Followers Bombs!


  1. Well, that fully explains why you started lurking around at the back 40-k. Congrats to you! Yes, we've all learned a thing or two from sandwyrm and his pictures.

  2. All ima say on the matter is yeyyyy =] Grats Loq, quite a deservingly awesome few days it's been.

    Keep it up!

  3. When I do plug posts I try to focus on the neat ones I follow that don't have a lot of other followers yet. While someone like Dave Taylor or something puts out great stuff he doesn't really need the "extra" exposure, but someone putting out great stuff with three followers needs pointing out.