Saturday, October 30, 2010

[40K] Where Are The Ladies?

So I have an idea for a Killzone team that would need at least 2 ladies. The idea is spawned out of the old Armageddon crew- I'm thinking of Chad Black, his lovely Anita, along with Father Pain and Mercy. They would most likely be Black Templars, or possibly just really DARK Space Marines. One of the ladies can easily be out of the Witchhunters/Sisters of Battle- she's essentially a nun; I can find a figure.

The other? I really envision a bad-ass babe in SpaceMarine armor. Is there such a thing?

On that thought, does 40K have any serious butt-kicking females at all?

Sure, there's Lelith, and some of the Wytches. Are they HQ slots, though? Are they "leading the charge"?

In WarMachine, there's no end of sure-fire hell raising women. Sorscha, Haley, Deneghra, Fiora, Ashlynn, Kaelyssa- each faction has a killer; no-holds barred lady to lead the forces. Hell, the AVATAR of MENOTH is a woman.

Is it too much to ask for a girl with great gams in armor for my 40K shenanigans?

Failing what I really want, what can I convert? Do I need a degree in greenstuffing to get anything close?


  1. Lelith is an HQ, there's also a Succubus (generic Wych HQ), and Wyches come as Elites and Troops. Plenty of ladies there.

    And, of course, there's Sisters of Battle.

  2. Well a few things here:
    -Model wise, at the moment at least in 40k there are very few female characters, short of Witchhunters and the new DE, so you most likely would have to convert a superbadass chick...or use the Living Saint model without the cape?
    -Fluff wise there are MANY strong females in the Warhammer universe: Celestine (yes she has a model, but shh) all the temple Callidus chicks, a lot of Eldar fluffy characters (Swiftblade, that Iyanden chick whos name elludes me) are female, but admittedly had no models, which sucks. Again, convert and make your own superchick.
    -As to why theres no girl Marines; in the fluff anyway some of the implants used to turn a teenage boy into an Adeptus Astartes are tunes into male hormones, and since the technology is so archaic it would be impossible to alter this for the female anatomy. I dunno how well a female conversion using a space marine as a base would work, but im there theres some awesome 3rd party models, or some WH bitz that would be awesome =]

    Just my thoughts.

  3. For someone in power armor, just use a SM body with a female head. Or even just a normal SM body and helmet, and say it's a woman underneath. Those things are hardly form-fitting anyways, and SOB models aside, I doubt many women are really so endowed that they'd need extra modifications to fit in those PA barrel chests.

    Also plenty of female scifi ladies from other ranges, like VOID.

  4. And the Eldar are equal opportunity. Plenty of females in their Guardian squads, and then there are the Banshees, and the Banshee Exarch.


  5. And I may be mistaken, but I believe the Tau have a female special. If not well... like anyone could tell Tau women apart from the men ;P

  6. Dateline: The Golden Throne

    When asked about the possibility of women serving as Imperial Marines, a spokesman for the Technopriests was quoted as saying,"If the Emperor wanted female Marines, I'm sure he would have told us."

    As ever, the Emperor remains unavailable for comment.


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  8. Tom & TGN: Both very true. I was just hoping for a Space Marine!

    Knighterrant- Thanks for the comment! Take a look around... I hope you like it!

  9. Yeah, there's not a whole lot of women in the 40k universe, something TheWife is bothered greatly about.
    She dislikes how if you want women in your army, your only real choice is either the Sisters of Battle or slutty looking demons.
    She investigated the same question of what's out there for women. Eldar are very equal opportunity, and that's about it. One thing she came across is how the fluff says Space Marines cannot ever be women because of genetics - and there's a lot of people out there STRONGLY against making female marines. She plays Chaos though and figures there's no reason they can't twist those genes.

  10. It bothers me too, Dave, as do the critical implications of the 40K universe being a sausage fest. I'd go into more detail about them, but the last time I went off on one about this sort of thing some people were rather offended. I can't work out if it was a 'shut your face you English Literature ponce' kind of offence or an 'criticism of the things I'm emotionally invested in is something I take personally' kind of offence, but either way, it's awkward.

  11. @Von - though "Emperor's Sausage Fest" could be an entertaining Chapter name.

  12. Yeah, I dislike the fact an entire universe like 40k would go out of their way to exclude the female gender from most of the fluff. Calidus, Nuns with Guns and Slutty Daemons. GG GW, way to fail.
    I realized I forgot to mention in my previous comment that I'm all for anyone breaking fluff to add gender to armies - whether you're just adding female heads, or even adding breasts to the armour.

    But what blew me away were the links TheWife showed me while searching through forums and such for signs of female 40k life and the number of hardcore fluff lawyers who were vehemently and insultingly opposed to the very notion of female space marines.

    TheWife: "After much contemplation because of what I read, my whole Khorne army is going to be populated with women. Watch out boys, we're coming for you!"

  13. Von- I'd love to hear what you have to say. Feel free to email me, or I could set up a guest post for you, cross link or something else-if you're interested.

    I'm not riled up yet- mostly cause I have other battles to fight (especially as a woman actively involved in the gaming culture).

    I am genuinely interested in intelligent discussion, as well as a little silly ranting (see my post "On Shoes" for some of that) and I like haring other people's view points.

    DaveG- good for your wife for takin' it to 'em!

  14. Don't forget Jain Z'ar the Eldar female special character. I'd say she's leading the charge being a Phoenix Lord and all.

  15. Kahos- Yeah, but she's an Eldar. And Eldar are for sissies, or those "new guys" =p

    (for anyone else reading, this is sort of an inside joke- I'm not serious}

  16. My Eldar are just intimidating your womanhood!

    Wait.. that didn't help my side, did it?