Wednesday, October 13, 2010

[HS6E] Hawaii Action (Session 5) With Pics!

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Hey, Don't come around here no more" - Tom Petty, Don't Come Around Here No More

[I arrived at game just a little late. Here's what I saw when I showed up.]

But wait, there's more!

Our GM uses 40K terrain and other sundry items laying around the FLGS to create in depth, vivid worlds for us to explore. He's also got a great story going. We're just very happily ignoring it at the moment.

This session picks up pretty much at the end of session 4.

Jumpshot, Steel Warrior, Jerry Riggs and Freestyle are all on the side of the mountain just outside the city of Honolulu. [Whether there's one there in reality is irrelevant. There is one there in game.]

Diamond is still in Honolulu, trying to smooth over an unfortunate comment made to 'Nani. Diamond's....busy for the rest of the evening.

The general gist of the set up is that the "Heroes" saw the three "Very Fast Guys" messing with a tree at the very back edge of this board at the end of session 4. According to the GM's description, the Very Fast Guys are wearing power armor, and were messing with a tree that had some sort of access panel , revealing wires and circuitry. As the Ultras arrive on the scene, the Fast Guys in Armor close up the tree, and come out to stop the Ultras from investigating or moving in closer.

[Here's the tree in question. The little clear base represents that it's important.]

There were three guys at the end of session 4. When the Ultra group arrives at the mountain, it's dark. They are in the woods. Only one guy has night vision. So, only 1 Very Fast Guy  is visible. He's HUGE, and wearing very obvious power armor. He tells the "good guys" that they are not welcome, are trespassing, and to go away.

There's some dialogue back and forth. The big guy is short on patience and makes a pretty threatening gesture towards Jumpshot, who does not like it at all. Syphon has arrived on the scene independently, and can hear what's going on, but not respond. Discussion continues. Things get very tense. More dialogue goes on, with SteelWarrior making a fairly convincing delaying argument. It appears the situation will get resolved without violence, when a small hiccup makes for some interesting times.

The situation before the combat starts.

Jerry Riggs has been trying to check out the tree that the Very Fast Guys were playing with earlier. As he gets close enough to make a perception check on what's inside the tree, he gets tied up by an entangle. Jerry sends out an SOS on the mind link the Ultras are using in place of radios (because cell phones are not working right now, and no one HAS a radio).

SteelWarrior attempts to negotiate that the Ultras will go away once they pick up their buddy. Jumpshot makes a move to get Jerry, and the big power suit guy (Man O'War) moves to stop him. SteelWarrior doesn't appreciate this, and attacks.

Combat begins, with most of the Ultras focusing on Man O' War. There's some interesting action, with a double team one of the  more memorable moments.

The guy in blue=Steel Warrior. Man O'War in the middle. Syphon in rear.

The Ultras get Man O'War knocked down, and Steel Warrior decides that he needs to stay down, so SW hits Man O'War (repeatedly) while he is prone and defenseless.

Man O'War eventually gets up. He's not happy that he was attacked while he was down. Additionally, his team mate was nearby but none of the Ultras saw him- but the teammate (Orbital) saw the Ultras and attacked them in an attempt to defend his buddy.

While all this is going on, Jumpshot is attempting to get to Jerry at the back of the board. He's tossing around orange spheres of energy as he goes, assisting in the fight as much as he can while trying to get to his buddy. Freestyle is also present, hanging out in the background, waiting for an opportunity to be able to do anything (which is difficult because it is dark, he does not have night vision, and his powers are all based on LOS).

Orbital was in a tree, and was taking potshots (with lasers) at the Ultras from above. Steel Warrior wants Orbital out of the tree. But he can't fly, doesn't have enough leaping, and doesn't have anything to throw at Orbital. So he decides to bring Orbital down to earth another way.

The Flash=Freestyle. On the other side, you can see Steel Warrior's arms.

Steel Warrior didn't take a lot of lessons in physics or geometry. He failed at understanding the consequences of knocking down the tree from the angle he was using.

Steel Warrior DID succeed in getting Orbital out of the tree. As well as knocking himself silly with said tree.

A few moments after this, another Jimmy John's Delivery Dude (look it up if you don't get it) arrives and begins blasting away at the Ultras.This guy (Ricochet) is pretty effective and knocks the Ultras around a little. Jumpshot has retrieved Jerry Riggs from the entangle and Jerry brings Jumpshot back to the action. All four Ultras engage in combat, with Freestyle doing a LOT of the heavy lifting in this fight- because once he discovers how well his powers work against the Armored Super Fast Crew, they all go down pretty quickly.

The Ultras have a group of heavily armored guys laying at their feet. Jerry decides to go BACK to the crazy tree with circuits and wiring growing in the middle of it to check it out. Freestyle takes a moment to "go fish" in the unconscious dudes' brains to determine if they are really out or just playing possum. After Jerry discovers that the tree is a satellite antenna, but is not sending or receiving, he comes back to the group and starts fishing around to see if he can get the armor off the guys. Freestyle also does this, but with mental powers. As everyone is pretty much focused on Man O'War and Orbital, they fail to notice that Ricochet got up and left - QUICKLY. Jerry sees him far off in the distance a moment later, but it doesn't seem like a big deal.

The Ultras decide they need to involve Agent Williams of H.U.R.T. in the situation. No one has a phone or a way to get ahold of him quickly, so Syphon takes off to go get him. However, she doesn't TELL anyone this and isn't involved in the mind link. The guys quickly figure it out and wait.

While they wait for Syphon to come back with Agent Williams, things get a little dark up on the mountain. It's not a big thing- it's just-- weird. Steel Warrior wonders if it is localized, so he climbs a different tree to see if he can view the lights of Honolulu in the distance.

Once he comes determines that everything is fine, he comes down from the tree, and everything goes dark. Some jet engine noises are heard, and when the lights go back on, there are NO guys in power suits anywhere to be found.

They talk to Agent Williams about the situation, and he informs them that there's almost nothing he can do. He has no way to know if the property is private until he goes to the records building (of course this event is on a weekend), and there's no probable cause to justify a warrant even if it isn't. There's no proof that anything happened because of "dudes in metal suits" and it's best if they all leave. Jerry and Freestyle have the ability to describe the guys in suits in tremendous detail, so they agree to go down to the station and get an artist to draw it - later.

That pretty much wraps it up for the night. Here's what the board looked like after the fight was cleared.


  1. Great pictures. I find that sometimes a little bit of terrain can go a long way towards helping to picture what is going on, and by using miniatures can really make things fun. I'm really enjoying your Hawaii posts.


  2. Love it! I like how the guy got a tree dropped on his head. That looked like an awesome session and i agree that a bit of terrain can go a long way to enhancing the fun.


  3. This sounds like a fast, furious, and fun session. For my part, I've never used terrain, or minis for that matter, in any of my games. Strike that. I've never played with terrain. I think I'd get lost in the woods (pun semi-intended) if I had to juggle all that stash.

    It would be fun to try, though as a player.

  4. As a player, it is a blast. I love it- though I need to find a new figure to represent Diamond (the one I am using is "meh").

    With terrain, there's no question if I can see the dude, what's in the way, etc. It's very fun.

  5. I have a boatload of Heroclix figures at home. As a matter of fact I made my character, Strobe, by using the body of Crystal of the Inhumans. After I cut off her head and trimmed off her long hair I glued on the head of The Invisible Woman. I then gave the figure a coat of Gesso, let it dry, and painted it. It was a lot of fun.

    Like I said, I have a bunch of figures so if you have an idea for one to use I might be able to come up with one for you.


  6. Tom,
    I don't know what, if any "comic" heroine Diamond would resemble. I'd love to look at what you have. Can you bring some next time you're at the store?