Wednesday, October 6, 2010

[HS6E] Hawaii Action (Session 4)

/Like a fool, I fell in love with you,
Turned my whole world upside down./ - Eric Clapton, Layla
[I'm trying to get all the write ups from past sessions out - we play tonight and I don't want to be behind when I do the next write up.]

In this session, Jumpshot earns his motormouth reputation in spades. He starts things off by talking to Agent Williams of H.U.R.T. and discovers that the man is just a little lost. Hawaii was supposed to be a cushy gig, and now there are Ultras, but he doesn't have any resources to do anything about it. Jumpshot, being the generous fellow that he is, decides to see "what he can do" about the problem.

Jumpshot's former NBA status allows him fairly good recognition outside of the Ultra getup,and most people know him as Ja'Kel Foster. As previously mentioned, he's also wealthy, if not rich, so he has many resources available to him.

He talks to Steel Warrior first- SW is living in Jumpshot's guest house, so it's not difficult. He proposes that maybe the Utras need to be a team and Steel Warrior agrees. This transaction took much longer, as Jumpshot elaborated on a number of points and had much else to say.

"Will you stop talking?" - Steel Warriror [Quote of the night.]

Jumpshot then calls Diamond. Diamond doesn't have a secret ID, nor a public one. She's not hiding who she is, but it would not be hard to figure out- there's only one 6'1" blonde surfer babe that weigh 10 tons around.  Diamond is currently relaxing as Lisa (her real name) with the lovely 'Nani when Jumpshot calls. Lisa excuses her self, the two talk, and Jumpshot makes pretty much the same case as before. Lisa tentatively agrees to being on a team, based on Jumpshot asking for help on behalf of someone who is unable to help themselves. Jumpshot leaves and goes on to the next Ultra.

Jumpshot talks to Freestyle, who agrees as well, and then Jumpshot tries to find a shortwave radio to contact Jerry Riggs. Freestyle does some quick adaptations of a chap burner cell phone and presto, Jerry is in contact. Jumpshot now decides getting everyone all together seems like a splendid idea, and arranges for Steel Warrior to be picked up from the guest house by cab, and the group heads over to the local supremely upscale eating establishment.

Lisa and 'Nani are dining at this same restaurant when the Jumpshot entourage arrives. All of the group except Freestyle completely misses seeing Lisa, but Lisa sees them. She continues eating and enjoying her evening while the boys talk about being a team etc.

She looks incredible tonight- that new sarong is stunning on her.
At some point, a comment is made about wanting to get in touch with Diamond, and it's discovered that cell phones aren't working. Freestyle knows he has a way to get in contact with her(mental abilities), but he also knows from a previous encounter that Diamond won't respond well to it. Freestyle very cautiously contacts Lisa, and they have a brief conversation where it's decided that Lisa is not immediately needed.

Whatever it is that Ja'Kel wants can wait- she's far more interesting to me.
[The cell phone outage is just the tip of the iceberg. It's a small symptom of a much larger event that is global in scale, but the Honolulu Ultras aren't bothered by the issue, nor are they aware of this happening that transcends the shared universe.]

The boys finish their conversation and disperse from the restaurant. They are gathered outside making idle chit chat when they see two shapes hurtling across the skyline at incredible speeds. Just a moment later, another shape rockets down the road at a breakneck pace, headed in the same direction as the other two. It is quickly decided that the group should investigate, if for no other reason than to find out what these things might be. Jumpshot wants to alert Diamond, and Freestyle very reluctantly reveals that she's inside the restaurant.

Jumpshot makes his way to the ladies' table, and introductions are made. Jumpshot apologizes for interrupting their dinner by paying, and gently lets Diamond know that there is a situation that might need her attention- but he's not sure yet. They agree that if help is needed, Freestyle can and will contact her. Jumpshot leaves to go check out the fast moving things.

Lisa and 'Nani are left to their dinner. 'Nani is a headstrong, modern woman, and has learned to use her feminine wiles to her advantage over Lisa; especially after Lisa's physical changes became more evident. Lisa is well aware that 'Nani is completely in control, and has adapted to the power shift fairly well. She does occasionally act or speak in ways that 'Nani uses to reinforce her position of power, and one such event occurs during their dinner. Lisa is left at the table in the restaurant, with the new sarong on the floor, while 'Nani walks away; nude. Lisa picks up the fabric, and follows 'Nani outside, all apologies.

Oh, damn.
The remainders of the Ultras are in hot pursuit of the rocketing shapes, and wind up past the city, up the mountain. They find themselves facing three beings in power suits. These 'battle suits' make it plain that the Ultras are not welcome, and it appears a battle is about to break out.

We end the session at this point, as it's pretty late (The Dude talked until 9!) and combat in Hero is NOT fast by any means.

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