Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[HS6E] Hawaii Action (Session 3)

So, you can try to tear me down,
Beat me to the ground,
I will see you screaming.
- Mushroomhead, Thoughtless
The day starts out with Jumpshot at home, channel surfing while he checks his investments. Aside from being a former basketball player turned Ultra, he has a business degree in finance in order to control and grow his earnings and endorsement income. As he is flipping through stations, he sees a news report about a very strange happening in downtown Honolulu.

The news station has resorted to using a helicopter to get shots of the events, because the downtown area is demolished. Several buildings over a good area have very serious structural damage, and no obvious explanation. It looks like someone very large took a massive hand and tore away the corners of various buildings like a kid would tear into a cake. In addition to the destroyed buildings, there is an exceptionally large mound of trash dumped in the street, with little trash tornadoes whirling around the base of the buildings in the downtown plaza area.

Jumpshot knows this is something he should check out, so he gets in contact with Steel Warrior, Diamond and Freestyle. Steel Warrior contacts Jerry Riggs, but no one has a tried and true method to contact Syphon. [She's mute, and for all realistic purposes, she's a street person.] The Ultras make their way towards the downtown area in their various modes of transport ; all arriving at different intervals and angles.Syphon apparently saw the report on a TV in a display and heads over to the scene as well.

Jumpshot arrives on the scene first, with Steel Warrior in tow. Steel Warrior has a chi power that allows him to sense life, and he apparently picks up on a life form in the trash pile. He heads over to investigate, while Jumpshot avoids a tornado. As Steel Warrior closes in on the trash heap, the various trash pieces scoot in and up to form a large trash golem in the center of the street.

[The GM's descriptions and sound effects for the golem were very convincing- I had visions of Iron Giant and collapsing sand castles (but of trash, and in reverse) running through my head.]

The golem takes a swipe at Steel Warrior, who manages to dodge. Steel Warrior avoids the golem a couple more times, but finally gets smooshed flat by a LOT of damage. Jumpshot has been dancing with trash devils for most of this time, but notices Steel Warrior go down. He heads over to the trash pile and the golem turns his attention on Jumpshot.

Jumpshot makes a great dodge, and recovers to a movement turn before the trash dude can swing again. Jumpshot pulls off an incredible shot with his crazy energy spheres and knocks the golem flat. The dust devils are now chasing him like mad, and Diamond arrives on the scene. Jumpshot directs Diamond to an area around a corner from where he is, and she heads in that direction. 

Ugh. Trash. At least I wore something washable.

Shortly after, Syphon arrives on the scene. Diamond quickly explains that the larger threat is still around a corner, and the two women head off in that general direction. 

Syphon and Diamond make their way into the edge of a large "pool" of trash, unsure what the trouble is. Very quickly they find out, as the golem does his reverse sand castle thing again. The form lashes out at Diamond, and both Diamond and Syphon attack at the next opportunity. Diamond uses some wrestling knowledge and uses leverage, pulling a "leg" out from under the golem. Several more attacks atre traded back and forth, with Syphon taking some brutal hits but using the damage as fuel for her abilities. Finally, the golem goes down, but Syphon goes diving into the pile of rubbish like a woman on a mission. 

I don't know what she lost- but it sure must be important to dig through garbage for it.

Diamond joins in the search- with the blonde surfer babe looking for shoes or something similar. Syphon emerges from the trash and flies off before Diamond can get a look at whatever it is that she was hunting for. 
While all of this was going on, Jumpshot was playing Follow-the-Leader with several trash devils and has finally put them out of commission. He takes a moment to catch his breath and then heads over to Steel Warriror, who is still unconcsious. Diamond heads over to help, as she actually has quite a bit of first aid knowledge. Steel Warrior wakes up from his early nap a few moments later, in a complete huff. 

Maybe his head got knocked too hard. I don't know, but this guy sure has a problem.

A very heated arguement ensues, with Steel Warrior inistent on fighting a now dispatched and non-existent opponent. It takes Diamond's strength to keep him from attacking randomly, and a great deal of discussion about appropriate responses to being attacked and in fights. This exchange is pretty intense, with Diamond losing her cool more than once (but coming short of decking Steel Warrior into the next century). Even the ever cool Jumpshot's nerves are on edge at the end of the discussion, but things are calmed down enough that the Ultras part their separate ways.

I'm going to go watch the surf roll in. Even that's less frustrating than this Steel Warrior guy.

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