Monday, October 4, 2010

[HS6E] Hawaii Action (Session 2)

Michael Kors Gear On And Valentino
Yves St. Laurent Platforms- Malandrino
Full length sable Way down to the carpet
Look good on the mannequin But wait until I rock it
-Mary J Blige, Grown Woman

[All write-ups are from memory, which is now fuzzy. Details may be missed due to this fact.]

When all of the “Ultras” were making introductions the other day, there were some questions about our abilities. Most of those other people fly, or glow, or have weird freaky visible energy powers. I'm just strong, and tough. I don't do anything special. I made a comment to myself about feeling like a fish out of water.

I wish I hadn't.

Diamond is again at the beach. A little further down, something strange is going on. Families are leaving the beachfront quickly. Diamond decides to investigate.

As she closes in on the area, she sees several strange creatures moving up the sand. Any bystanders are now frantically trying to leave the area, so she moves in closer to get a better look. As she closes in, she sees that the creatures are vaguely fish-like, but are seriously mutated. The “fish” have forelimbs and legs that they use to propel themselves forward. They also have beak like mouths,and when they encounter something (or someone), they “stand up” and attack with their upper limbs and beaky mouth.
They look roughly like this:

Diamond steps up to the challenge of protecting the few bystanders, and is quickly engaged in combat with a group of five or so.

This doesn't look good. I hope I don't get too messy.

Very close by, Steel Warrior is in much the same predicament. He engages some of the “fish” in hand to hand combat, and is quickly surrounded by a good number of them.

Just a few seconds into the fights with the “fish” , a new danger is apparent- what seems to be bi-pedal sharks arrive on the scene. These sharks have short forearms and somewhat flexible heads, which allows them to chomp on opponents with ease. Both Diamond and Steel Warrior engage these larger beasties in direct confrontation while the remainder of the Ultras begin to arrive on the scene.

While fighting, Diamond “fives” several fish, all over her brand new outfit. [“Fiving” is a newish phrase meant to indicate “knocked the crap out of” but I don't remember why we use it.]

Damn! That was a new Andy South, too.

Steel Warrior is holding his own, but definitely looks worse for wear as he's much “squishier” than Diamond. More Ultras arrive on the scene and all of the “fish”and “sharks” are dealt with. Yet again, there's a good amount of discussion on what to do and why. Many discoveries or deductions are made, mostly by Jerry Riggs. The consensus and concern seems to be that these creatures are in some way related to the biological weapon we dispatched last time around.

About this time, Agent Williams of H.U.R.T shows up. We continue the conversation, and decide to take a specimen over to the University's oceanography department for further study and investigation. There's also discussion of how to dispose of the dead critters, and the university's incinerator winds up as the best solution. Diamond loads the HURT van with the dead, mutated beings,as well as a live, but very weakened “fish”. Everyone heads over to the university, and we take a few moments to talk to the professor who was silly enough to answer our call. (Also a Williams- but call him Mike.) Some of us pass on our contact info to the professor, and then we go onto other endeavors.

I'm not sure I can pay the dry cleaner enough for this mess.

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