Friday, September 17, 2010

Technical Blogging Help Requested

I'm working on some special projects I can't wait to show you and could use a little help.

I'm hoping some of you fabulous bloggers out there can help me with posting a PDF and/or putting up a slideshow. I'd like to use Blogger to do these things, but I do have other resources available. However, I'm just vastly unlearned in the wuji of computers.

Tips, tricks, information and other wisdom is well appreciated.


  1. Scrib'd has a nifty interface for posting .pdfs. When you uplaod a .pdf to their server, you can get a script that paste into an blog entry.

    Matt Borselli uses it at his site and it's pretty nifty. Here's an example entry:


  2. You might also check out (they have a free option) which has a widget you can use on your blog. See for an example. I like scribd but you might find you need to tweak the numbers in their embed code for it to display properly in your post.