Saturday, September 18, 2010

[40K] The Emperor Will Be Pleased

I just realized that a majority of the blogs I read. follow and enjoy are 40K related. I'm the assigned "40K Reporter" for our local FLGS and its website, and I cajoled/convinced a local Eldar player into doing the weekly blog on 40K for them as well. (PS-he's late!)

But I haven't owned an army since my teenager was a baby, and while I'm looking at getting back in (man, I have it BAD for those blunt force trauma guys in black), I don't actually have a single fig of my own.

So I either need to rob a bank, coopt someone elses' spare figs, or admit I just like the shiny toys.


  1. Do it! All the cool kids are. Peer pressure works right?

  2. Do you like Eldar? Do you? Well if so I have an army I'm thinking about selling. Just saying. Lol!

    Tom Reed

  3. As the designated 40k reporter for your group, I think the Emperor would want you to have at least one Space Marine miniature somewhere nearby as you write. You know, to serve as a reminder of the fate that awaits should you voice any treasonous or heretical thoughts that you might have. And with even one marine you're well on your way to having a team for games of Killzone... ; ) Good luck to you!