Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beauty Is Where You Find It

I have finally deconstructed the wall of boxes, re-arranged the items inside them, and assembled the contents into something slightly resembling a home.

My last project was the gaming shelves. My husband (The Dude) and I have a pretty sizable collection of RPGs, and when I originally unpacked them, I just threw them on the shelves in a desperate, mad effort to get them out of boxes.

In our former place, The Dude's stuff comprised a single 6' bookshelf. I had a smidgen of stuff, but I kept it separate from his (in a joking conversation, I told him his stuff had cooties). The gaming stuff must have had a lot of hot nights, because his stuff populated itself with MORE stuff. We now have two 6' shelves full of gaming stuff.

One of those shelves is my stuff. I filled it up with my books- old and new. Among the boxes of stuff I unpacked was my Earthdawn collection. I was taken back to when I first encountered Earthdawn.

It's not really a secret that I don't like fantasy games at all. For the most part, I find fantasy to be akin to camping-dusty, dirty, uncomfortable, full of bugs & other disgusting creatures; just plain ugly. But Earthdawn is a major exception. From the minute I opened the book, I was entranced. I loved the setting, the story, and the absolutely breathtaking detail that went into the "history" of the game. (I'll admit the mechanics stink.)

I love the game again for all the same reasons (and admit the mechanics stink just as easily). It's beautiful.

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