Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On the Table: Mexi-Marines

So, uh, I don't play 40K right now. I love the game and have a great amount of respect for all my pals that do, but I'm not playing. The biggest reason is all that math- but the second reason is picking an army. I personally think Eldar are absolutely beautiful and love the hell out of them. However, I know that they are a "finesse" army and well... I play like a brick. A BIG brick. (Plus, there's the painting. I'm still pretty crappy at details.) So, they are out of contention, at least for now.

So I don't play- but I paint. I'm currently on conscription for my husband (the Dude) and his never-ending list of unpainted crap. At the moment I have 30 Space Marines, a 5 man assault squad and a 5 man Terminator squad on the table, awaiting their paint job.

It'll be a long job- they came primed black and he wants a Mexican-flag army. (Seriously!) So white primer first, then most likely white paint, then the green and red. Gold chest eagles are on the order form as well.

I was discussing this paint scheme with my son and one of his friends, and we were joking around about the standards for this chapter. Stuff like- Assault Squads get +6 movement past the deployment zone and/or no dangerous terrain rules apply. Other goofy rule ideas included Favored Enemy: [IG], and Rhinos could transport 30 dudes across the board.

I'm trying to find a Barbie or smaller scale Sombrero to put on the Sergeant. One of the Marines was a test for some orange primer the Dude found- I'm thinking of making him the "Quince Marine" and sticking a skirt on him.

Once I get one done, I'll post a pic. Right now they look like grey butt.

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