Monday, August 23, 2010

The Dude Gun

We have 7 mages in our WOD game- pretty much one of every flavor. WL, the Mind Mage, has a special ability/spell referred to as The Dude Gun.

It's a completely mental attack- he rolls against a primary characteristic using his Gnosis+Mind, and if he hits, the ability does 1 bash. He's got something like 6 dice against a characteristic, so he almost never misses.

The special effect is that he holds his forefinger and middle finger together, with his thumb up in a classic "gun" pose and mutters his word of power, which is "Dude".

It has been used pretty rarely until this past Saturday (game report to come later); when it was utilized pretty effectively against several spirits. A point came where the entire group involved in the combat (all but 2 of the players present) was quietly chanting "Dude Gun, Dude Gun, Dude Gun" hoping he'd use it to knock off the last spirit.

Just a momentary glimpse into our game.

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