Monday, August 23, 2010

Character Development Concepts & Concerns

I was emailing back and forth with K, a player in the WOD game. We were discussing whether Saturday's game was fun, and I made the following observation:

I keep being surprised by serendipitous events that turn out for the best possible situation. Eile has turned out to be a lesson in flexibility and adaptation, which is interesting. There are moments of fun for sure. However, I have experience to spend, which has made me really consider the major themes/angles I want to pursue with her. At least one of them is NOT fun for me personally as a player, but makes sense for her and is probably her strongest element. I really do like a challenge but I don't know that I expected to face this element so quickly in game play.

Yes, she got to interact with TK- they had a very intense encounter that was the start of something that could get even more intense (and very possibly complicated) as time goes on.

As mentioned previously, Eile is a Beast Seeming with a custom Kith. My ST allowed me to take the Culturally specific Kith from Winter Masques- Coyote. She's intended to be a grifter, a con artist, a trickster, and a constantly adapting free spirit who uses her environment to her advantage.

The themes I am considering for Eile are, in order of importance/prominence:

1) Change/Adaptation (Contracts of Smoke as a primary, and Contracts of Beasts & Talons secondary. Several other possibilities for additional contracts or abilities)

2) Beauty/Appearance (Ties in nicely with Change/Adaptation- Contracts of  Smoke and Vainglory with Court Contracts also very good possibilities)

3) Fate/Chance (Contracts of Hearth as well as a couple other abilities, including a token or two)

The fact that I'm being faced with a difficult topic (change) so quickly after I started playing her is a testament to gameplay, the ST and luck/chance.  It's a little humbling to think how well the elements that put her in her current situation mesh so cohesively with the elements that make her core.

I'm personally struggling with how  frequently this character will require adaptation and change. It's a demanding concept for me that I work hard at in my normal life, so putting a tough concept into my escapism is a true challenge. I do believe I can handle it, but I am on my toes to do it right and not just pay lip service to it.

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