Monday, January 2, 2012

[WOD] Austin By Night: Agent of Chaos

Most of the writing I do here regarding WOD is about the characters I play in the game. I've chronicled at least some of Jak's antics, almost all of what I remember and was important for Eile, and have started on Vinnie's journey.

I haven't really brought up anything that TheBoy is or has been doing- mostly because this is my blog and I write about stuff that affects me. Shamelessly self-centered, I know.

I spend a lot of physical time with TheGirl due to work schedules, the store, and other real life things. The time I get with TheBoy is pretty limited. WOD was a game that he and I joined together, as a deliberate attempt to have some time just for the two of us. I've guarded that time as closely as I can, knowing that I don't have much time left before his life changes dramatically and his priorities may not entail 'gaming with mom'.

Very recently, TheBoy's longstanding character Bruce died. Bruce was a Hunter, a lone human standout in a hugely supernatural world. Bruce was, in most cases, an unmitigated ass. There were some situations where he made allies and was helpful, but for the largest part, he was a man acutely aware of the horrors around him, forced to deal with them rather than die. He mainly chose not to slay the monsters in order to study them further, and gain valuable information for the "big wars"- and man, there are a lot of them.

Bruce died in an attempt to stave off an elder god being summoned by 2 grief crazed members of the group. [Yes, PCs tried to summon an elder god. It was weird.]

Whether Bruce was successful or just satiated the god's thirst for now was irrelevant to TheBoy. He was thrilled with how his character went out, and felt great pride in staying true to his character to the bitter end. I have to say I was really proud of him.

TheBoy is now playing a SinEater named John. John is a Celebrant whose Geist is an agent of chaos. John's Geist's name is Methusela, and he loves to create havok. TheBoy has a great rolling dialogue about how his Geist torments John's coworkers at the "pencil pushing factory" (stolen RIGHT from Fairly OddParents, I love this kid) or will depants the clerk at the grocery store, or other, random, weird shit; just because he can and because he thinks it's funny.

In high school, I was friends with two of the strangest guys, who were both delightful adherents to 'chaos in real life' as much as they possibly could be. Their singular purpose was to cause as much dissonance and sow as much strange as they could.

There were many times when being their friend was a lot of fun, just to see what would happen. The same is true with TheBoy's character. Watching what he does with John and Methusela and what trouble they get themselves into is immensely amusing to me. I love the creativity running through TheBoy's head and I can SEE the ideas burbling about as he blabs some new scene of what he is doing.

I can't wait to see what he does next!

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