Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SinSynn, the bearer of unpopular opinions

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

I'm just gonna assume some of y'all know me from da House, and no introductions are in order.
If not, then....HI! I'm SinSynn....a Xeno with a Hamster living in my head.
Hope that helps....

So when Loquacious was gracious enough to offer me a place to splatter my thoughts about, how could I not accept?
I frequently have thoughts that need splattering, you see.
Also...who could say no to Lo'?
She's da awesome.

Of the many gifts she possesses, the one that twists me out the most is her ability to skewer my arguments with laser beam precision.
She's a wily one.
I go into most of these debates feeling fairly confident that I'm right about...whatever it is, and come out feeling like an ass.

Recently she took me to task over my recent posts over at da House.
I had written a couple of pieces that generated some silliness in the comment threads, and she was all like, 'Dude, wtf?'
She asked if 'generating silliness' was what I wanted to do, as a writer.
I...didn't really have a good explanation.

I had a line of defense, not that it helped me at all...
'Hey, listen, I just write what I FEEL. I don't mean to piss people off. It just happens sometimes.'
Then Loquacious hasta throw a bunch of logic at me, and point out that there's gotta be an actual reason I feel that way, and a good writer has the ability to convey that.
Curse her and her...logic.

*Still waiting on my results, which Loquacious informs me are in the mail*

The reason my posts generated silliness, and not DISCUSSION, was that I didn't bother to explain myself in such a manner as to clue the readers into the why, when, where and how.
I just 'went with my feelings.'

If I'm being honest, I'd have to say I don't want to 'restrain myself,' creativity-wise.
I love this hobby, so much. I want to do right by it.
So what I'd LIKE to do is take the readers with me, an' show them stuffs. Maybe have a laff or two.
I don't wanna bring the mountain to them, I want to bring them to the mountain, and make it a cool trip....with like, tentacle hentai references, an unhealthy obsession with Megan Fox, and silly catchphrases.
Don't you judge me!

Since I'm being honest, I'd also hafta say...sheesh- this is a little harder than I thought.
And yes, that IS what she said.
Moving on...

Our hobby certainly generates a lot of passion. What would normally be civil discourse between two people who felt differently about something becomes a cacophony of silliness here on the internet, however.
It's the internet, and everyone has an opinion, right?

Some of mine are:
- I don't like 'comp' (but...I don't wanna 'divide the community,' or 'ruin the game').
-The Flames of War Tournament System needs a makeover (apparently the focus is on 'historical,' and I'm one of the newjacks that's bringing 'the 40k mentality' where it's not wanted).
- I'm competitive (but, wait- I'm fluffy, too....but I like tournaments, so I'm WAAC. No, wait, I....Aaaaaaagh!).
- I really have no issues with 'the way women are portrayed in Fantasy/Sci-Fi' (is it exploitation, and pretty darn silly to boot? Yeah...but it's sexy chicks in settings I love, and I'm a guy. I can bluster about this...but I'm a guy, and I kinda dig it. And any guy that riffs like a menstruating Terran female about this is fronting. I hope it gets him laid...cuz I'm a guy, and that's in the contract).

And here's one that may get me killed one day:
- I dinna like the Lord of the Rings movies that much, and I have no interest in forthcoming Hobbit films (PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! I tried to like them, but I...can't. They're just not for me. I'm more of a Sci Fi, anime, Blade Runner-ish kinda guy, I dunno. I look at Hobbits, and think the most interesting thing they could do would be bestiality flics with Ewoks...cuz I hate them too).

Those are my opinions, and trust me...I'm sorry for each of them.
But not the Hobbit/Ewok thing. I mean every word of that. Nyah.

Sigh...I suppose I should explain myself...
Nah, maybe next time.
I'm a slow learner.
...I AM sorry, though...
(and I really wanna do right by the hobby)
I promise I'll try my best, but there will probably be some silliness along the way...
...and tentacle hentai, Megan Fox pics, and of course:

Exit with catchphrase!

Until next time, folks- have a very Xenos day!

- SinSynn


  1. Well, it was a lot harder to understand your accent with out the italics and bold statements, but I guess I can learn.

    I kind of figured you as the local homeless guy that chills in one of the booths at the House of Paincakes and mumbles to himself. It is like listening to Chewbaka talk, I'm sure it has meaning, and I'm sure someone is out there understanding it. Can I be Han solo?

  2. I hope to god that your new catchphrase is actually "exit with catchphrase"

  3. @ Gravemind- thanks for pointing that out. I'll put the 'emphasis' in next time.
    And you can absolutely be Han, buddy!

    @ Spag- thanks!

    @ Lauby- How many catchphrases does a Xeno need?

  4. I don't love the LotR stuff, either. Also much more of a fan of gritty future stuff than "shiny".
    I'm not a computer or comic geek, so I'm often the odd man out in nerdy conversations... Oh well.

    BTW, just $5 more bux to finish the test results. =p

  5. Yes, coherence is popular, on occasion.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Stupid...posting thingy...try again...

    @ Lo'- I sure hope I pass...this time.

    @ Nurglitch- But I don't wanna cohere, or adhere, or...be coherent.

  8. I think this is a good road for you, Sin. When you first started writing at HoP I read your articles and couldn't help but laugh. Over time though I stopped reading them (we're being honest right?), because despite being funny they lacked direction, context and true focus. I'd still skim them for pictures of Megan Fox though ;)

    I think with some clear direction to your articles though that you'll generate a lot of discussion. Silliness, when used correctly, can do wonders to get people talking about a topic. It puts people more at ease and subsequently more prone to leave a reply.