Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[40K] Sometimes Real Life Gets In The Way

I was all set to show some awesome 40K content, including pictures of my assembled, primed and converted Storm Raven (VERY lovingly assembled by FunDave- THANK YOU!!!!) . I had planned to discuss the state of the local scene, as it is undergoing a strange shift. I also wanted to ask for some advice on what (if anything) to field next as I am losing horribly and need some ideas.

However, I got an email that changed my whole night.

One of my long time friends was in the hospital- with what was believed to be a heart attack.  I've known him and his wife for over 20 years, and they are truly special people. They are hardcore gamers, with a marriage that I envy- passion and strength, dedication and adoration. They have been genuine and honest friends, recently having supported me through a very tough time in my life.

I got the email and I told TheDude- "I have to go".  I normally stay at the store for 40K night and hang with the great crowd, but nothing was going to stop me from being there for my friends during a terrifying time.

I knew I had to be there, because I have been there.

I have been in the waiting room, the emergency room, the surgery lounge, the recovery room and the cardiology wing more times than I can count. I have personally spent agonizing hours waiting to hear something-anything- from a doctor on the verdict for a spouse. I have juggled kids, and phone calls, and friends and family; all while desperately hoping for the best outcome. I personally know how hard and how frightening it is to be on bended knee, breathing prayers that only G-d hears. [TheDude has some serious heart issues, so this one hit close to home in a big way.]

I gathered my 2 kids and went to their home, where their young adult son (M) was "watching the home front". (M) just couldn't handle the hospital, and I understand that.

He and my son are very good friends and have been for several years. We got (M) settled down and then got some things to entertain him, and brought him dinner. We just hung out at his house all night, providing company and distraction- the best we could do on short notice.

I hope to have some pictures later this week- and maybe some questions on list building, as I appear to be bad at it.

But first, I'm going to take care of my friends.


  1. Priorities are straight. This is good.

  2. I hope your friend makes a speedy recovery.