Sunday, August 7, 2011

[GEN CON] Wrap Up

I fully intended to daily reports, based on the feedback I got from my reporters. Unfortunately time got in the way and I wasn't able to do so.

I did have a few interesting reports coming to me from more than one source.

1- Booths were better laid out and traffic was much better than previous years.

2- Pricing in the booths was absolutely erratic. One might offer an item at $85 and three booths down might have the same thing for $125, so smart shopping was essential.

3- While the hall was better organized, some events were not. I heard of two cancelled events with no real notice (though my reporters were able to find replacement options and a refund) and bad lines.

4- Friendliness at booths was mentioned more than once, but not always in a good way. Overall,  I heard very positive things, but one or two events or companies were less than helpful.

5- [This comment is from general observations of photos and not reporters per se...] Fewer costumes and "environmental things" than in previous years.

6. The hit of the con (at least from the reports I got) were all in the miniatures field. Everyone I spoke to went totally geeky over the Wyrd Terrain Kits. Made of high quality chip board, there's enough pieces and material in each kit to make several schemes.

Here's some pics!

I hope to have some more detailed information to share later this week- and maybe some more pictures.

Game on!

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  1. Yeah, those Terraclips things look awesome, I'd love to have some of those.