Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[40K] Falling Off the Wagon

This one guy, generously donated to me last year by none other than HOP's Idol contest winner, Von; is the one thing that's keeping me anywhere near the Emperor's Children at the moment.

I'm burning out on Marines at the moment.

I'll admit I was never a big fan of the Marines. The sameness of them made me frustrated. I mean, what's the difference between this

and this?

From a stat viewpoint, very little is different. They all have the same WS,BS and I - it's just a matter of which weapons and so on.

For some, that's a bonus. I've heard Space Marines called "Legos"- a basic building block that you can customize endlessly by adding or taking things away. Maybe it's true.

I just know that they are really cramping my style right now. I prefer some personality, some silliness, some "unknown" factors as a rule... and Marines are not it.

Except Brother Darius, who has been known to speak to me while I'm sleeping of the Glories of The Emperor. That guy takes his job wayyyyyyyyy too seriously, but man-he looks good doing it.

Stay tuned for a possible exploration of Eldar....


  1. Darius has this effect on people. He's steeped in a decade of fanfiction and I think it sort of radiates off him...

    I'm glad his company's still welcome even if you're burning out a bit on the Marines. I've seen it happen to people - almost everyone I know who plays Marines has another army to swap in and out when all that fours-across-the-board business gets to be too much for them.

  2. :-) Well, the Eldar are a "fun" army... There are a few really good builds in the current edition, but by and large you can really tell that their codex was clearly written for another edition of the game.... I know there are persistent "Eldar Codex Soon" rumors, but I for one am REALLY hoping they either FAQ (or White Dwarf it like they did originally) it up to date now and/or just have it one of the early 6th ed codexes... Depending of course on what changes :-)

    But, the Eldar are very different than Marines... I've always enjoyed playing them... Just too many things that simply do not work in their book now that really limit the choices for me at least :-) Old, cynical 40K player that I am...

  3. What's the difference? The difference is that the guys on the bottom are a) mostly beakies and b) Space Sharks, both of which make them infinitely more awesome!

  4. If you're not feeling it then you're not feeling it. I enjoy Marines but I can see why someone wouldn't. Eldar will definitely be a whole different ballgame for you.

  5. Hmm, while Eldar do have some interesting personality have you thought about, maybe, possibly doing...
    Dark Eldar?

  6. Von: He's very fervent, that's fore sure. And pretty.

    Paul: I'm not even sure it's Eldar I want to try, but FunDave is willing to let me borrow them so that makes it a fairly easy choice.

    Sons: so true. My mistake. A thousand pardons.

    Anonymous/Tom(?): I don't think I know anyone I could borrow the DarkElves from.... otherwise, I like them a lot.

  7. I'd managed to get all the way to 5th edition 40k without ever collecting or playing Marines. I started with Rogue Trader as well. I was always more than happy with my space Elves and Orks. I had brief flirtations with some Tau, and collected a massive Nid horde and all was fine. However, when 5th came out, I dom't know, I just had this irresistable urge to do a Marine army, and not just any Marine army but the Ultra Smurfs. I now have the 1st, 2nd, 4th (in drop pods) and 10th companies plus a whole host of other crap sitting in my gaming room most of it unpainted I might add. I too got board of them very quickly as a painting project and actually playing with them on the board.

  8. Personally I solved my love for the Imperium stylings and non-Marine armies with Sisters of Battle. Yes they aren't uber powerful, but I like them, do well with them and enjoy using them. And that's all that really matters when you play an army in the end.