Saturday, November 26, 2011

[RPG][WOD] Austin by Night: Vinnie's Journal, Pt 1

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge.
Daniel J. Boorstin

I've been here for a couple of years now. I have begun to settle in. I've got a fairly good job that allows a lot of flexibility and has high expectations of leadership and accomplishment. I have a haven that does the job for now, and I've started to get noticed by the leadership. 

I was asked by the Harpy to introduce myself to a certain number of people, offering my services and making myself accessible to them. I wasn't sure what was wanted at first, but I've learned that when you play the soldier, you don't ask questions. You just do things. After a little bit of work, it became apparent that the list in question was almost entirely Kindred, and it seems the Harpy is perhaps putting me in certain people's paths to see what happens. I understand that thought experiment all to well, and for now it serves my purposes. 

I have spent quite a bit of time researching the Death Row Incorporated faction; and being very intrigued at how little I've learned. It makes me wonder if their own situation isn't similar to mine, with a valid reason for a blackout. Finding things out is very different now.  I'm still getting accustomed to this "information age"; as it's called.  The concept is unusual that information can be had with money, or for free. Favors and power used to be the currency, but I don't mind that I'm not obviously beholden to anyone at the moment. 

My conversation with Varus (the Commissioner) was unsettling to me. In my past, direct conversations with authorities caused nothing less than difficult times. Different times and different approaches change the way I interact with those in power; and I'm still learning these ways. Beyond the directness of the conversation was the content, which I found curious. Purpose and direction are ever present in my Requiem, but laid deep under the surface of my interactions. Varus' bluntness was sharp and present; challenging my considerations and forcing me to examine the great experiment I'm undertaking. 

I still have much to accomplish to near my goals; and every day is yet another opportunity to develop my potential. 

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  1. If he's been dead for a while, wouldn't he be saying 'every night'? :p