Friday, October 21, 2011

[RPG][WOD] Introducing Vinnie

Well, not quite. A girl can dream, though. He's really a bit more like this:

Vinnie is my new character for the WOD game set in Austin. He's a typical Italian guy, a little "old school", sorta retro. He's a good soldier, and follows orders very well. This makes him pretty reliable, and he's got a job working for a transfer company, running a division.

He's a Vampire. He's a Mekhet, and has a Covenant, but it's sort of a secret for now. I've resisted playing a Vampire for so long, I finally decided to give in and go "back to my roots" as far as where I started "modern" roleplaying. I'm excited to see some other people in the game are active as Vampires, so I don't have to "blaze the trail" and/or do all the work. There's already an environment to play in, which is super nice.

I have a pretty in-depth background and story for Vinnie, as well as some ideas on what I want to see happen with him. Once I have another episode in, I'll spill the beans.


  1. Oh, sure...he looks like a Vampire.
    What ever happened to the old-skool, Nosferatu type of Vampire?
    Y'know....the creepy, ugly, undead bloodsucker type?
    Why do all vampires look like metrosexual hipster types from Twilight now?
    Well, hopefully yer vampire won't be berating stage hands while making bad movies.

  2. Oh, and since yer Vampire game is set in Austin, do ya think he can go eat a bunch of the BoLS staff?
    Their content would prolly be more interesting if they were Undead.
    Just sayin.'

  3. And I just realized you named him 'Vinnie.'
    'Hey, yo! I'm like, a vampire over here.'s like my momma's marinara sauce, y'know what I'm sayin'? Pastafazoo!'
    Ok, I'm going back to my corner now....

  4. Christian Bale as Trevor Reznik always seemed to me like a good candidate for vampiredom. Congrats on your newborn undead!

  5. @SinSynn- I could totally have him visit the BoLs lounge... =) and yeah, the sterotype you put out there for an Italian dude named Vinnie isn't far off.

    @ze: Thanks. I'll be posting more very shortly.