Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[40K] Tootin' Lantz' Horn

The Admech Fandex is out- and the guy behind it is one of my nearest and dearest.

Please go over to Lantz's Place to enjoy his Magnum Opus.

Know that besides being brilliant and talented, Lantz is a genuine peach; a totally nice guy.

He works hard- 5 different blogs with incredible amounts of material. He's totally passionate about the hobby and loves promoting the community. He's a genuine asset and I'm really proud to be his friend.

Ladies, he's SINGLE.



  1. The Admech fandex sure is spiffy....
    Sure would like to see GW pick up on the fact that the servants of the Machine God are an underused asset....

    Sadly, this fandex was a better read and far more amusing than what GW is doing now.

    *crossing fingers for Necrons*

    Oh, wait....Mat Ward is doing Necrons....

  2. HoP never did do a "Lantz in my Pants" edition, did they?

  3. @Lo
    Thanks for the shout out, Lo!

    I'm still not losing hope for the Necrons, despite the facts like Matt Ward writing it...Call it naivety, I call it betting on the 0.001%.

    @Dave G
    One of the few they didn't use. I was hoping for "Gonna Be Okay. Da Doo Da Doo Duh, Just Lantz." Never happened... =\