Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[40K] Black Templar Questions Again Plus AWESOME Pictures!

So I've recently been checking out other people's lists in an effort to get better as a list designer. Or maybe it's that I'm making crib notes/outright stealing ideas. Either way, I have seen something pretty disturbing that I do not understand.

I am seeing BT lists with EC tricked out with things other than AAC. And for the love of killing Xenos scum (sorry, Leebo), I honestly can't fathom why.

Can anyone help a girl out?

Also on the "Stuff I'm thinking about" list is my StormRaven. Some of you that have been reading a while may remember that TheDude gave it to me for my birthday.  It is finally converted, assembled and primed and I want to show it off! It's only 6 months later so I don't feel even a little bit lazy! (And I truthfully shouldn't as I did none of the work. FunDave did it all, and tried to claim my bird for himself, the turkey.)

So here we have some shots of her all dressed up:

Front view of the lady of death [I cannot tell you how much I am smiling. I just LOVE HER!!!]

And of course,  you have to have a profile shot! You cannot see the tail conversion well in any picture, but I had the tail turned "upside down" because I liked the look much better.

Hurrican bolters for the win, baby! 

Or, a door if you want troops. 

This is how FunDave did it- the cross bar is totally invisible from the outside, but keeps the doors/bolters on perfectly.

So there's my girl... I now need a reason to take her out for a drive/ride/killing spree ...

And as an extra special treat...

I've talked off and on about my Orks from way back when. I know I discussed at length how horrifically ugly and putrid they were- and how I did it on purpose. I gave these guys away, so I didn't have them available to show photographic evidence of how terrible they really are.

You're in luck- the Orks were on loan to a guy who is learning the game and I got some primo pictures to share with you.. bask in their hideous glory.

There's more...

And here's one I was sort of proud of at one time-

and his back ...


  1. Just remember, those scrawny & little 2nd ed. Orks are properly referred too (these days) as 'Yoofs' (which also goes some way towards explaining their bizarre choices in colors...).

  2. I shoulda just kept her and painted it up in Craftworld KaHoS livery. Notice though the ring of Long Fangs just waiting to shoot it down muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Death to the flying thunderchicken!

  3. Best. Orks. Ever.

    How could you ever part with them? ;)

  4. Re: the Black Templar Thang:

    I'm guessing the logic goes like this.

    Foul Xenos or Heretical Opposition: I need psychic defence! That usually comes on a psyker of my own!

    Black Templar player: Why yes, I'll take a free move toward your psychic nonsense with all my frothing mid-to-short-range loonies!


    Black Templar player: Hmm, the terrain down at Nerd Emporium is a bit spartan as they all think wide open fields are fun. Maybe I should bring my own 6+ cover saves? It's better than nothing, anyway...

    or... no, damn, I can't remember the other one.

  5. I like the inverted tail on the SR. I removed mine completely.

  6. It really depends on the style of the list. If you're playing a stand-back and shoot type, then "Abhor the Witch" is my preferred Vow to take. Why? Its cheap, gives me a potential consolidation move to re-adjust my deployment, and has the aforementioned psychic defense.

    If playing more of a close combat oriented list or an army where "Abhor" doesn't really help you, then "AAC" is the way to go.

    To be honest, I'm about even when it comes to my lists. About half use "Abhor", the other half use "AAC".