Thursday, December 9, 2010


Despite all my best efforts to avoid the crud going around, I think I am sick. [BOO].

(My son, husband, and about 3-4 of my closest friends all had this crap and I've managed to dodge until now. Maybe I finally failed my cover save.)

I'm not sure what energy for blogging I'll have in the next couple days. But upcoming stuff includes:

all those 40K posts so I can make links for the Beginner's Project.  

By the way: I am looking for links/material related to each army- specifically folks that talk about their armies in easy to understand terms. Laeroth is a great example. Got something good? Please send it my way.

Hawaii write up (I need some music to convey that run, too)
WOD write up (music considered, not decided yet)

Weekly Whimsy- (some very old school lyrics in mind for this one)

new schedule, maybe 

I'm grabbing some pen & paper cause I think better that way. See you soon, with some material, I hope. 


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well, I hope you and the rest of the Loquacious household recover soon.

  2. Hope you get better soon, the crud certainly likes to stick around.

  3. Feel better soon! I hope you received my email and found it useful. :)

  4. Get well soon! If the rest of the house is getting better, have them pamper you all weekend.

  5. Guys: Thanks so much for the good wishes. Everyone else in the house is pretty much better (TheDude is still coughing a little, but it's residual rather than active)so yes, they can pamper me.

    Marshal: I did, and I did. I'm usually a lot more verbose, but am feeling terrible. I'll be back on my game soon.