Saturday, December 11, 2010

[Random] I miss...

Old school web pages- with tables and frames and buttons and links and so on- that I could code myself. I love Blogger, but I hate arguing with formatting and creating pages with no content just so I can have links to put on the Beginner's Project.

Glass soda bottles delivered to the house.

Dark Conspiracy

Sleeping (yupe, I am awake due to work. I'll go back to bed when my shift is over and then I'll crank out some good stuff for ya guys)

Creative outbursts (coming up with WW is giving me a headache but maybe that's due to being sick)

21 Jump Street (sorry, folks)

My ork army (sometimes).


  1. Did you know you can take all the pepperoni off of a pepperoni pizza in 3.3 seconds?

  2. My girlfriend just picked up 21 Jump Street on DVD.

  3. We get Coca-Cola bottled in Mexico here and in addition to coming in a glass bottle, it's very yummy. :)