Sunday, September 26, 2010

[HS6E] Honolulu Intro

There are three HS6E games going on at the FLGS right now. They are all superheroic in scope (400 pts). Two of them are being run by the Dude. Those two are set in Chicaco (home of two or more previous campaigns) and Phoenix.

The Dude wrote up a campaign standards document, to give players an idea of the history, feel, social and political scene for the game in question. It's a little more than an abridged timeline, but it's pretty effective at giving just enough information while leaving a lot of room for growth and development. He also wrote up a list of known villains and scored them on a scale of 1-5 stars, with 5 being the most powerful. There are only three 5 star individual villains in the game. (There are a couple 5 star teams but I can't remember how many. ) Of course, there was a list of known "hero" teams (with their respective cities) included to help flesh out the information known about the world.

After a bit of play time (and learning the system), one of the Dude's players in the Phoenix game decided he wanted to run a game. (He's a longtime friend as well.) He spent some time debating whether he wanted to use the "universe" as the Dude had written it, or go about making his own. He decided to use the Dude's world, but with the understanding that his own flair and color would be going in the mix.  Then the new GM had to find a location for this team to go, as most urban cities had teams assigned to them by the Dude's campaign/universe document.

He decided on Honolulu, Hawaii.

This is where I'm playing Diamond, a brick (strong/tough type).She's a very attractive surfer babe,and quite often gets referred to as "Hot Chick".

A lot of the back story I discussed earlier has either been adjusted and modified as my vision of her became more focused, or tossed out entirely. Look for updates at a later time. The scrapbook is pretty accurate, though.

The Dude is playing Jumpshot, a former NBA player who got wuji energy projecting abilities. His projections usually take the form of orange spheres, and almost all of Jumpshot's abilities have some basketball oriented themes and skills. Jumpshot is also a motormouth pretty boy.

There's Freestyle, played by another (but different) long time friend.  Freestyle is a parkour/street runner with mental abilities. He wears a kitbash of hockey pads, skate pads, motorcycle helmet and so forth as his makeshift armour. He's the only member of the group with a secret ID, and it was learned at last session that he's a teenager.

Next up is Steel Warrior , a mostly normal human. When I say mostly, he's pulled a Bruce Wayne sort of thing and topped his body out in every possible way. He's learned to tap into chi forces to increase his combat effectiveness and ability to damage stuff. Martial Artist, he is.

Jerry Riggs is his friend, a mad scientist inventor type, who's learned how to use the same chi stuff Steel Warrior uses to power gadgets and weapons. He has his own little lab, which is a mile out under the ocean. It is often referred to as "The Pineapple" and he often gets called "Spongebob" (mostly by Jumpshot).

Last is Syphon (I think I spelled it right), a mute drainer/absorber with her absorbed abilities going to strength. She's a little unusual looking on top of being mute, but she's highly effective.

Now that we have the introductions and basic details out of the way, look for write ups to come.


  1. That's an intersting group. Looks like a good mix of powers & abilities. It will be interesting to see how things come along.

    Tom Reed

  2. Oh! I missed the drawing the first time I read this. I Don't know if it didn't load or what...but it's awesome! Where did you get it?

    Tom Reed

  3. I forgot to upload it until just a little bit ago. D drew it. He did a GREAT job.

  4. I thought so. He did do a great job! The drawing is very representative of an athletic woman. I might have to talk to him about doing some stuff for me sometime.