Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[40K] Progress Part II, Painting Problems and Places

I tore it up tonight and finished putting the green on the left side of all the Mexi-Marines for the Dude tonight. I have  the Libby, the Captain/Standard Bearer, The Dreads and the Rhino left to apply green to- but a couple of those need a consultation with my client for a discussion on WHERE he wants what colors.

Here's a shot of most of them hanging out, waiting for the next color. I'm thinking I'll do the red (for the right side) next and then clean up the middle with white when those are done. I'm not particularly clean when getting the initial base color down so there will be a LOT of cleanup to do.

I was watching some TV using my OnDemand feature and drinking a beer while painting. I have a pretty standard process and I was on mental "auto-pilot". I looked down and noticed this:


That's not the left side.

Does GW make Foundation White? 'Cause I sure need some. Or maybe Wite-Out. Oh well, I've dealt with worse mistakes.

I thought I'd close with a shot of my workspace. The miniatures are the Dude's- a HUGE Menoth Army from WarMachine, some HORDES! Beasts, The Mexi-Marines and everything else visible on the table are his. Most of the paints are his; the tools and brushes are mine. (I'm firmly in the same camp as Ron of FTW- cheap brushes are the way to go. I'm very hard on them, and I'm not a good enough painter to justify spending a lot of money on them yet.)

The layout- where things are and why- as well as the desk are mine. I was single-handedly responsible for that desk making it to the new house and organizing it so that I can kick ass while painting. Enjoy!


  1. That's a very nice painting set up you have there. What kind of light are you using?


  2. I have a hanging lamp that came with the house, and a white magnifying lamp that attaches to the table with a vice. The magnifier is on an adjustable arm that swings over my immediate workspace.

    I'll admit, I need two or three more lamps- and a table top Ott light would make my day.

  3. The closest that GW has to white in the Foundation range is Astronomicon Grey. I use it as a shade for white.

    Skull White will cover the Astronomicon Grey nicely, but if that area is going to be red, then covering the green with grey should be fine.