Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Old Idea With Fun Twists

This idea is completely and totally stolen, but fun nonetheless. Here's the setup:

In one of my husband's HS6E superheroic games, the team has been accosted by a string of bad dudes over a series of weeks/months. The team investigates the latest guys, who appear to have been sent after them by a bigger, badder bad dude. (Actually in this case is a dudette, and she is one of the 3 villains in the campaign marked with 5 stars on a 5 star scale.) They find some banking information that was used in the hiring of the bad dudes by the bigger bad dude and decide to --

follow the money.

They not only find the money, they find a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!! of money (five commas, folks). Somehow, the idea to TAKE the money gets bandied about, and not only do they take the money, but they put the money in an obvious account marked with the name of one of the team members' public persona.

Leaving aside all the ramifications of what they've done, and the hilarity in which all of this occurred, I was hit by the idea that this is not really a new plot. Taking what the bad guys want (or preventing the bad guys from having it) is pretty old. What makes it fun is all about how it happens.

Some of my favorite stories & movies involve this theme in some way. Wasn't The Maltese Falcon just a big game of "Keep Away"? Casablanca had elements of attrition. Blues Brothers at its core was about keeping a bad guy's objective from occuring. I know there are far more examples, but I'm chosing to use illustrations that are fairly different from each other as an example of how far reaching this theme can get.

Different times, genres and intensities- all spurred at least a little, by a small idea.

I like it.

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