Wednesday, August 18, 2010

[HS6E] Introducing Diamond

Diamond is my HS6E character for a campaign set in Hawaii.

She's mid-to-late 20's and was a professional athelete until about a year ago. She's 6'1", blonde, blue eyes, tan, atheletically built but still has curves- a fairly typical beach babe from California.

There are a whole lot of skills she should have but doesn't (yet) due to the cost of building a brick without limitations in the new system. I intended her to have a surfing, beach/volleyball, basketball and wrestling background. She started off with basketball and wrestling, and I think I'm adding volleyball next. Surfing will probably be last, just due to her power set.

As mentioned, she's a brick, with the special effect of being really dense ALL THE TIME. (NO DI, as that implies the ability to actually change density.) She got this way through taking experimental muscle growth drugs- itnended to increase density and mass for better development and improvement.

The drugs were offered by the team sponsor, and she didn't think she had anything to lose. She was overseas at the time with no real hope of getting back to the US in the WNBA (at least without drugs, was her thought process).

The drugs worked- she got denser muscles- to the tune of weighing about 25 tons. Diamond's better half, a lawyer; got a cushy settlement and she's using the money to create a "normal life". She took a battle cruiser back to the states, where she settled on Hawaii as a place of residence and built a custom home.

I'm honestly still hammering out some of the personality and behaviors I want her to have. I had some ideas in mind while working on her but they haven't really played out. I'll probably give her another couple sessions before I take the surgeon's scapel to her and reform her.

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