Monday, July 16, 2012

Wonderland Session 2

We had a great session of Wonderland this week.

I lost a player and gained one, and I think I handled this change pretty well.

The group traveled through the Void; which was terrifying and strange. The group moved through total emptiness, and then through a cemetery of souls that grabbed for them, and then through the roots of a world above them.

As the group made it to the "end" of the Void "road", they felt a bump as if they had run aground. They saw a small pinhole of light, and as they peered through the pinhole, they saw what appeared to be twilight.

They used a balloon sword the clown provided to open the pinhole further, and one of the group jumps onto the "shore"to discover a rocky, somewhat hilly ridge.
(Yes, a balloon sword was an effective tool!)

Once on the shoreline, they look around, and see a gravelly steppe, with slight brush and low vegetation. On the horizon, a mountain range is visible. The group sets about exploring and securing a campsite, while a couple of them bring the "boat" onto the "dry land".

The area they are camping and resting in appears to be under a sky of twilight, no matter how long they stay there or watch the sky. The group spend quite a bit of time deciding what to do, with no real consensus made. They decide to camp, and decide what to do in the morning.

As they are getting settled, a man in dark clothes skulks to the edge of the camp.  He is accosted by the Cop (who is paranoid and loud)  and the group peppers him with questions. They want to know more about the island, and Alistair answers as best he can.

The Ghost decides to hunt for some food, and comes back with a large deer. Alistair offers to clean and dress the deer, as well as cook for the group since they are so tired. Most of the group accepts, while the clown and the sorceress quietly watch him- something isn't quite right, but they don't know what. They see Alistair drinking some of the blood from the animal before he prepares the venison

Alistair brings the steaks back to the group, and several of the group invite Alistair to take part of the meal. Alistair eats with the group, and after their dinner, they crash for the night.

While the group sleeps, the Clown takes a trip along the shoreline to get a lay of the land. He unicycles around, checking things out. As he moves away from the camp, the sky changes from dusk to late afternoon, and the terrain shifts from a rocky steppe to mountains very quickly- much quicker than the horizon suggested. As he continues, the mountains shift to a hilly, heavily forested jungle and the sky suggests that the time is mid day.

It's as if there are "zones" of time that stretch horizontally across the landmass, but don't change in any way. Twilight is always twilight, late afternoon is always late afternoon, and mid day is always mid day.

 As he passes through the time zones, the topography changes. From rocky shore to mountains to hilly jungle to low plains- each area seems perfectly suited to it's time. Squeakers discovers the landmass is too big to traverse in one night, so he starts to cut across the middle of the "island". As he is zigging and zagging through a thickly wooded area, he comes across a ruins of a village long deserted.

There are huts/houses, an extremely abandoned well, and what was a cemetery. There's also a building that might have been a church, but it's so decrepit as to be unrecognizable. Squeakers pulls up a stone that has tool marks on it and takes it with him. He wheels his way back to the campsite, with a  lot more zigging and zagging through the brush and shoreline. 

Squeakers arrives at the camp about the time the group wakes, and he pantomimes to the assembled adventurers the things he's seen.  He even draws a crude map in the gravelly beach with a stick. The group decides to pack up and head towards the ruined village, with hopes of discovering what might have happened to the people on the island. Alistair thinks there are people, but he's never seen them; so he doesn't know. 

They make their way to the village and set up camp, and we call it a night. 

Can't wait to see what happens next session!

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  1. Very cool game report. It looks like your group is meshing very well.