Monday, February 13, 2012

SinSynn- lil' fish, big pond...plenty o' room to swim...

Hey folks, SinSynn here.

Sometimes I get a lil' intimidated by my peers.
In truth, I don't really 'feel' like they're actually my peers, and at times I feel like a small child in a room full of adults, running around annoying everyone, and knocking stuffs over.

*Strippers are wise...heed the strippers*

Loquacious can bandy words about like no one's business, conveys her own thoughts with amazing efficiency, and is somehow humble about it. How the hell is that even possible?

Lauby somehow manages to come across as wise, yet pulls off wry humor and charm with a self-deprecating wink. That's my dude right there, and if anybody ever breathes a bad word about him anywhere, I swear I'll attack like a pit bull on crack.

I devour every word Dethtron writes with relish, and his rapier-like wit and ability to lay out a scathing insult and somehow come away smelling like a rose is da awesome.
I'll admit that I have a writer's crush on him. He's just so damn funny.

How can I NOT love Von? He's simultaneously incredibly smart and smug, and so very British (from my perspective), but it's hard to not laugh at this pompous knucklehead when he shows up wearing something crazy on his head. Curse his beard...even his beard is smug, I swear.

I can tell you straight away that I've patterned much of my 'internet personality' after Brent.
I suppose I subconsciously created 'the Hamster' as a sort of foil for myself in the way he has 'Not-Brent' lurking about with the infamous green marker.
Reading his posts taught me the value of being reasonable and tolerant, and has served me well.

GMort says things that need saying, is unapologetic about it, and strikes me as the kinda guy who would gleefully throw stones in his own glass house if it suited his mood.
If only I could have a lil' bit of that 'don't give a damn-ness.'

That's just the HoP writers, there are many more wonderful folks who do what we do, and inspire me.
Frontline Gamer, Sorrowshard, the guys at the Back 40k, James S from Warp Signal, Panzar from Whelp Slayer (Who has like, the greatest website banner ever, IMO), Kirby (the Mighty Pink One) and Abuse Puppy from 3++, and my boy Purgatus from Best Overall, of course...

A compliment from Porky over at Porky's Expanse! had my head all swollen for days. I couldn't wear a hat, in fact, and it's wintertime...

That's just the tip of the iceberg, as far as the links in my favorites are concerned.

The trick, I suppose, if there is such a thing as 'tricks' when it comes to blogging, is not to be just another voice amongst the din, but to blaze your own path. I find it odd that I could somehow be considered an 'authority' on anything involving our hobby, for clearly in my mind, I'm not.
I did nothing to deserve being 'elevated' above my fellow gamers, and I'll probably go to my grave having NO IDEA why Lauby decided to pluck me from the ranks of overly vocal commenters out there in our hobby blog-o-sphere.

All I know is I wanna take the ball he handed me and run with it, as fast and as far as I can.

In real life, I'm a hyper-active crazy person. If you think I'm a lil' nutty when you read my vaguely coherent posts, you can just multiply the random wackiness by ten, and you'll have an idea why people have a hard time living with me.
Writing regularly has proven to be an excellent mental 'strain relief' valve, and I'm sure my erstwhile family is grateful for the time I spend clacking away on my keyboard, as they are afforded a bit of peace and quiet while I do so.

I often wonder if some of the things I do in my posts strike people as odd- slang terms, catch phrases, tiny animals living in my head, and always putting my name in the title of my posts, for example....
Each and every one of these idiosyncrasies was a calculated decision on my part, though- an attempt to separate, to differentiate myself from  writers who are often flat out better than me.

It's a truly bizarre turn of events that's seen me reach this side of the velvet rope (eesh- horrible metaphor), but here I am.
There have been many helping hands along the way, beginning with a comment from Lauby over at Strictly Average asking me to e-mail him, which led to...all of this.

Imagine my slight embarrassment when I arrived at the House of Paincakes in time for the HoP Idol competition, to watch well-established bloggers duke it out over a position that was somehow, through some act of truly divine comedy...gifted to me.
Go friggin' figure.

I have nothing of value to offer anyone out here but the words I type, and the value of those is dubious at best. However, it is my sincere hope that I can connect with the tolerant folks who click on the link that brings them to my head, and we can have that time together, and maybe share a laugh, or something.
I genuinely believe there's a niche here for me, and I'll carve it out with my keyboard and a Hamster.

To all of my friends out there- thank you SO MUCH for putting up with me, and sharing this time.
That means YOU, specifically.
*Xenos Hugs*

Until next time, folks- exit with catchphrase (cuz dat's how I do)!



  1. You are a wecome addition to the HoP managerie, and unlike some other writers you always entertain.

    I think entertainment is important, to often we get caught up trying to write something deep or clever, I always try to put something funny into my blitherings, at very least my poor readers get to crack a smile.

    You got that part nailed bro ;o)

    1. Thank you kindly, 'Shard.
      I do what I can.
      Which, admittedly, ain't much.

    2. Yeah, I'm one of those that don't entertain... sigh...

    3. I don't agree, I pretty much always enjoy your articles.

    4. Loquacious never fails to entertain me.
      Probably why the Top-X's we write together are just so much goddamn fun.

  2. aw, buddy. I owe you a bro-hug.

    Don't worry too much about the recruitment timing. It was just bad luck, really. We had been trying to fill a hole in our schedule for months when we 'hired' you. We had actually been looking at a bunch of 'experienced' bloggers we knew but we kept getting lukewarm responses - usually based on the amount of free time the had... or didn't have.
    Which is were your non-blogging was as attractive as your particular brand of insanity.

    To be honest, as frustrating as that process was, it was worth it when you signed on. Beyond the gold you dump in our laps every week, you've been a solid go to guy for holes in the schedule as well.

    In fairness, that bit about gold mining goes for all our writers and I'd be lying if i said I never had the same feelings of inadequacy as you.

    1. I think it's me that owes you the hug, El Jefe.
      Huh...never figgered my insanity would actually benefit me in any way.
      Stupid Hamster is all like, 'I told you so,' now....

    2. Lauby can tell you I have many moments of serious insecurity, too. I swear, there are times that man needs a medal for all the handholding and supporting he does... *hugs to El Jefe*

  3. I think there's two things that make you special, dude.

    One - you have a unique e-voice. You're so... well, you're glaringly obviously from New York. I can hear the accent, and that sheer savviness that comes with it. There are no filters in your writing and I never get the feeling you're holding back. You say you're a knucklehead but you're no fool, and that shines through, as does -

    Two - you are one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever come across. I don't get the appeal of historical games, at all - but I read your Flames of War stuff every time, 'cause damn me if your love for that game isn't contagious, and if you haven't made it your own and sidestepped around the historical problems that get me all handwringy and, well, overeducated-Western-liberal-academic-ish.

    You always manage to sound like you're enjoying yourself; I always manage to sound like I'm complaining. I envy you. :p

    1. Thank you, Von, I appreciate that.

      Ironically, I just had a huge fight with the Ultimate Rival, who is EVER SO ANGRY about my FoW 3rd Edition review.
      His words were, 'You shouldn't play mini games, because all you do is complain.'
      I tried to point out that I was fairly positive, overall, but I felt obligated to be honest about the whole thing.
      He's quite the Battlefront fanboi, and the whole thing offended him, it seems.
      Knowing us, it will be several weeks before we speak again.
      Double sigh.

      Is 'complaining' the right word, Von?
      When things could clearly BE better, or things need deflating, is it 'complaining' to voice one's opinions on the matter?
      I don't believe in just rolling over, and blindly accepting things, and neither do you, clearly.

    2. I reckon there's a difference between complaining and criticising. The first always sounds a bit whiny, a bit entitled - the second can be, but can also be rooted out of love for the thing being criticised (you just want to make it better!). I shoot for the second and frequently end up hitting the first.

      But you're right - I think someone has to point out the issues that exist and where they come from, and there's a lot of that uncritical sort of love out there. I think that gamers need to be honest about the stuff they own and take ownership of the games they've paid for. If a game is unplayable or unpleasing without house rules, make some up. If a game needs to be comped to make it 'fair' for tournaments, it is obviously not a very good tournament game... and so on and so forth.

  4. Dude, you need to stop being so hard on yourself. I agree with Shard. I read a lot of Blogs, but on many occasions I'll not finish an article because to put it bluntly I find it boring. You at least have never bored me. I'm pretty sure some of my own articles lapse into the boring territory for many readers out there. So hold your head up high. You don't seem out of your depth to me buddy.

    1. Well thanks to the help, inspiration and encouragement I've received from fine folks like yerself, I have a feeling I'll muddle through!
      Thanks for da kind woids!
      ...was that too Bronx?

    2. I don't know, what exactly is 'too Bronx'? I'm glad I can be of some inspiration to somebody. And I'm always happy to help others where I can. I think it's just part of being a good member of any given community that you put back in what you take out.

  5. I'm with Von - you have managed to carve a niche, your articles are instantly recognisable from other writers, with or without your name being spotted.

    That style's not for everyone, and I'd be lying if I said I agreed 100% with your views - but you're certainly a notable character.

    That can only be positive.

    1. Well, thank you much, TKE!
      It's fully ok to disagree with me, and any time you feel I'm being dumb, please let me know.

      I have long enjoyed your writing, dude, as you've carved a nice lil' niche for yourself as well.

  6. keep doing what your doing and i'll keep reading it

    Dragons Claw

    1. I'll keep pluggin' away, my friend!
      Thanks for the encouragement!