Thursday, January 26, 2012

[RPG] Destroyer of Fun

I had a weird dream last night that my version of Ultimate Rival showed up at the FLGS.

Instead of being someone I want to destroy in game, my particular guy is the guy who ruins all my fun. What's really frustrating is that it's very subtle and I seem to be the only one that has him figured out as a ruiner of fun.

What makes it worse is that everyone else really likes him and thinks he's "great".

But he's not. He's a creep with a really good ability to disguise it.

So when I woke up, I checked to make sure he is still where he is supposed to be, and then giggled at the idea of turning him into a BadGuy in a game that I'm working on (I hope to be ready by summer).

Ultimate Rival, Destroyer of Fun, Closet  **&^%- what are the names of your opponents? Is it a joke, or is it for real? It'd be fun to hear your stories....


  1. There is no curse in Elvish, Entish or the tongues of men foul enough for this one man's treachery. I'm trying to ensure that "you Stanford" becomes one, though.

    1. for some reason, I am totally believing that Von speaks both Elvish and Entish.




  3. life is definitely more interesting with the Ultimate Rival in it.
    Despite the fact that I play against a variety of opponents, Victories against him are so much sweeter, Defeats far more bitter.
    My games against randoms are fun affairs. My games against the Ultimate Rival are knock down, dragged out, curse and threat filled events.
    His wife had to come down and yell at us several times to 'keep it down' the other night.

    The cycle begins anew the day after every game.
    Since I lost (again) the other night, I awoke to an e-mail that read, 'U shood stop blogging now. U suck.'

    I ventured out of the bedroom to get coffee, and the Crazy Lady says he left a message on the machine...
    'It was SO FUNNY when you rolled a 1 and a 2 on those firepower tests on the last turn. The look on yer face was so perfect! I wish I had a camera!'
    This was followed by a minute of evil chuckling...
    'So funny! Hurr, hurr...'

    Tweaking my goddamn army list now.

  4. I actually asked a few people who they thought my ultimate rival was. I got blank stares and confused looks off of everyone assembled... and then one of them piped up...

    "mate I hate to tell you this, but you kinda are the ultimate rival. You've not lost a game for over two years now in many game systems. If you weren't so nice about it, I'd hate you"

    A few others then chimed in. Apparently I am the ultimate rival. The only reason I still have friends to play games at apparently is because I'm not a dick about it. But I do fear I'm becoming pretty close to a form of fun sponge. There was one guy about 10 years ago now, who I knew very well and played Battletech with a lot. At the time I was winning loads of uni based tournaments and he seemed to be the only other guy winning them and capable of consistently beating me. Closest thing I every had to a bitter rival I guess because he was a complete nob jokey when he won. He had a victory dance... looked more like a seizure and was I'm afraid an obnoxious American from Dallas Texas. I loved beating him in the end of season final though in 2000 in front of all his friends at his home town club. Priceless, I still remember asking him why he wasn't 'dancing'. Ah the stream of profanity!!! Just confirmed I'd done him over good.

    1. You, a fun sponge? I can scarcely credit it.

  5. Oh great.

    What did I do now?

    (Reviewing past week.......)

  6. Gamer Curmudgeon: I swear, it isn't you! It is someone....louder. And far away (for now at the moment).

  7. Wait. Wait. There's someone louder than me? Now I feel insecure for an entirely different reason.

    Oh. Wait. Hmm. Thinking about something. Oh.

    I think I know who you are talking about. Am I right?

  8. How am I supposed to know who you are thinking about =p?

    He's loud. and furry.

  9. Well.

    Someone not me. (That narrows it down, doesn't it.)

    Someone I know that you don't like. (Who still isn't me.)

    Someone far away (for now). (Who again, isn't me. I'm not self-centered or insecure at all...)

    Someone furry. And Loud. (And again, not me...)

    Yeah, I think I have an idea who that might be.

  10. Yep. Definitely not me.

    My sincerest sympathies. I hope things get better soon.