Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[40K] What NOT To Do

I didn't play this week (but it's ok, it was my choice) but I watched a lot of games. I heard some very interesting comments and generally enjoyed the guys at my local shop and their many opinions.

Towards the end of the night, I over heard a comment about Hunter Killers being kind of useless. I innocently asked what made them so bad.

A few of my most trusted friends proceeded to tell me why they were such a waste of points, and then went on to tell me about other things that were complete and total losers. They also pointed out why some of my perceptions of "bad" choices were WRONG

 and educated me on the very desperate need for Furious Charge in my army if I ever quit being a wussy and finally buy Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields and/or Lightning Claws. (Man, I had no idea they were so insanely good. I need some super fast-  like YESTERDAY.)

So for all you newbies out there- don't spend 10 points on a shot you can only use once a game and can't hit the Titanic or anything of equivalent size. Buy Tank Hunters for long distance guys or Furious Charge for close combat dudes instead. Don't buy a searchlight. Don't forget that plasma has a purpose. Use Land Raider Crusaders whenever possible (and if you are Black Templar, stay the ^&&% in the ride!).

I've shared some of the crazy-good wisdom of the 40K crowd... now share your best "Don't do it" pieces of advice ...someone will thank you later...


  1. Hunter killers have a role in my opinion. Yeah, one shot but when you're a Marine with BS4 then the odds are good you'll hit and it is S8.

    I use them in my standard list because I generally lack ranged fire power. My list is aggressive and HKs buy me a round of having some fire power while my close combat guys close in and that's generally all I need.

    When I run something with more fire support I still often use them because some games you need those extra few missile shots.

    Now, I'm talking about a few HKs, not loading them up everywhere. For 10pts a piece you aren't really screwing yourself out of anything. You have to be smart about it. If I need to shave points for something more enduring then I'll ditch HKs as needed, but if you're floating some points then don't be afraid to grab one or two. I've had mine take out plenty of tanks.

  2. "Don't" listen to internet advice when experience has taught you better. I prefer to find my own way about things because often people are just repeating (or worse, rehashing) opinions that they've read on someone's page, blog or chatroom. Sometimes these people can't even tell you why the unit/upgrade is 'bad'.

    I think that everything has a role, some are dependent on other units. A lot of players that I've seen just build armies with standalone units and while that's okay, it tends toward rigid, cookie-cutter armies. Boring!

  3. DON'T EVER... swallow other people's dice if you're upset at them rolling well. I had a friend who was (apparently) rolling well in a tournament game, when his opponent (who my friend didn't even really know) picked up one of his dice, and ... swallowed it. I was at the table next to them, and saw the whole thing. I still don't know what to think- my friend kind of just took it in stride somehow and they kept playing. I don't think I'd take kindly to someone doing that to my own dice though.

    So yeah... don't do that. :-p

  4. I've got one for Hordes players - don't think you can get by with one warbeast and a swarm of infantry as if this was Warmachine. You cannot, outside a few extremely corner cases (I can think of two). Just accept it - Hordes is a combined arms game in a way that its big sister isn't.

  5. :-) Not sure I'd say "never use the HK missile", but it is a lot of points for a single shot weapon that you may never get to use... In some of my lists like a BA mech swarm or IG Sentinel/Chimera swarm if I have the points to spare it isn't too bad.. Fast vehicles that can move 6" and fire everything or walkers make it decent, but for your BT... Well... Yeah, they make more of an impression fired en masse like when my Sents appear on a flank and the whole Squadron volley fires into something Mech that has to die... Sometimes they even hit :-)