Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[40K] Sometimes, the game is just pretty

I showed up to my 40K night the other day, and one of my regulars was showing off his new toys. He had amassed a very large selection of figures for a theme army and wanted everyone to see them.

Pictures don't quite do this justice- there's a lot of shine and reflection taking away from the detail and lovely work he put into this army- but I really want to showcase his work.

Long shot of the whole army.

A narrower look at the oncoming mass.

Hey look! Skimmers and dreads!

I love the feel of the army- the different poses really helps it have a personality.

Who doesn't love a wheelie?

The bank on this is just super cool.

Ever hear of flanking? Yeah, these guys have it.


  1. You're right, the photos don't do Mikes paintjob justice, especially since he told me the many steps he had to do to achieve it. And talk about magnets! There are a lot of magnets in this army. Many of the troop have magnets in their hands so they can switch out weapons, as do the dreads and skimmers. This army is a truley awesome piece of work.

    Makes me want to do some more painting. Oh wait! I do have some stuff to paint.


  2. It's always nice to see somebodies labor of hobby love. That's a lot of bikes!!! :)

  3. :-) Yes, there does seem to be a "biker" theme going on at the Gopher over the last year or so at least... The do look great, and good seeing a very coherent theme force so nicely painted...

  4. Hey! Can Cadians ride bikes? It would be kind of cool to do a Hells Angels bike gang for 40K.