Thursday, November 3, 2011

[40K] The 500 Point Dilemna

Our local 40K group is doing an escalation league. I'm pretty excited about getting in on the "ground floor" of this, and I am fairly confident that GW won't be dropping any FAQ bombs on me during the duration of the league; mostly because I will be playing a faction that's already got one. (At least I think I am....)

I'm considering something other than my lovely Black Tide, and man is Big Sword yelling at me. I'm kind of considering something similar, but with a little more GW love....

Yeah, I'm thinking about Grey Knights. My main issue is that I don't have the codex yet, so making a list is an entirely hinky proposition. So at the moment, I am still thinking BT- but I am open to other ideas.

However, making the list for the league is a new kind of thought puzzle entirely- the first two weeks  will require some creative thinking.

For the first two weeks, we have to build our armies using the Kill Teams organization rules- but our missions will come from the Big Red Book.

My initial thought was to use a Ven Dred and some Termies, and bam! I would be done. However, after re-examining the board with the league rules, I realized we're not using KillTeams for anything except force org in weeks 1 and 2.

So I need troops and something kill-y in order to have a shot at winning. So maybe a LRC with some space doodz inside??  I don't quite know- I need something with troop selection, but good defense capability.

Ideas welcome as always, and GK thoughts are still running through my head. Or maybe Orks. I miss the green guys and their craziness... and their red paint, and their trukks....


  1. Well, the guy with the big sword could easily become a "Brotherhood Champion"... The GK equivalent of your BT Champion... Rules are a bit different, but... All in all, I think the GKs wearing their ancient black colors will be far more successful for you at this point... But I would not discount the BT Terminators, etc... Just the basic troops are a bit lackluster compared to their more modern brethren... At 500 points I wouldn't necessarily get caught up on the "must have troops" as the game is FAR more likely to have just one army with survivors for the win...

    I'm probably going GK for the first bit then back to the Wolves for the last part myself. Using the modified force org rules, only one Elite and/or Fast Attack to go with the "troops" does limit it quite a bit... One thing to note is that some armies out there have really powerful things in FA/Elite slots like the GK with their Stormraven, BA with their FA tanks and Land Raider transports for Troops... I'm probably bringing a Raven loaded out with Purifiers for my 500 points... Get there fast, kill the enemy and get out fast... :-) Assuming nothing goes wrong of course...

  2. Is there somewhere I can see the Kill Team case I want to try to put something together?


  3. Tom, are you looking for just the Force Org limits or more?

  4. Uh, whatever I might need for this coming league, I guess. Maybe I will have enought time to play.