Friday, September 23, 2011

[RPG][WOD] Compromise

I worked and worked on that stalled out idea from a while ago some more.

It rattled around, but just wouldn't go anywhere.

So I took a drastic step and talked to the guy in charge of the game I an trying to join. I KNOW, what a concept!

He's a really creative guy. I like talking to him. I enjoy his game. So why was I hesitant to bring my problem to him? Mostly because looking back, that's all I ever seemed to bring to him. I wanted to bring a full, working idea to him this time. But I bucked it up and talked to him about the problems I was having.

He came up with a suggestion that was pretty much the exact opposite of what I was trying to do. His idea was really a departure from what I had explained to him and he seemed really confident that I had the ability to pull off the changes he mentioned. He left it up to me, of course, but he got me thinking.

I thought about my issues and my concept a while longer, and then talked to another player in the game. This guy went in a completely random direction from where I was,but the idea he offered was totally doable.

However, I hated it even MORE than my "dud" idea.

So back to thinking some more. I was sold on the basic premise of the character I had in mind, it was the finder details (and especially the history) that were giving me fits. I decided to sleep on it again, and woke up the next morning energized and completely confident that I could make my concept work.

What changed? I decided to go with a compromise. Some of my idea, and some of the ST's idea all mixed together. What came out of it was a character idea that has life and promise for me, a lot of interesting plots for the ST and some meat for other players to dig into when they finally meet him.

Yeah, I'll do a write up and probably will resume with the after-action reports once I get "introduced" into the game.

yay for compromise!


  1. Yay! Another character for me to mess with!

  2. It will be interesting to play with you again. Welcome Back!