Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[40K] Musical Armies

There's a new guy in our league, and he's been trying different armies until he finds one he likes.

Tried Orks. Didn't like them.

Tried Chaos Daemons. Din't hate them, but decided they are "not for him".

Now he's trying IG. It sounds like he might be looking for yet ANOTHER army soon, but he's still undecided.

It reminds me a little of the owl...

How many tries did it take you to find your army of choice?


  1. For me I had found the best army for my play style in one, of course it took me jumping to 4 other armies to realize the first was the best for me.

  2. Over the years, having built, painted & sold more armies than I even want to try & count (and in most cases having had several of each race/faction), it could easily be argued that I'm still searching for 'my army of choice'...

  3. As

    I do not accept the validity of the question. ;-)

  4. Well, back in 2000, all I had to do was look at the 3rd Edition Starter Box and I knew that I wanted to play Space Marines. I started off with the Ultramarines, but they weren't all that great in close combat, which was what I was building my armies to. Then Codex: Armageddon came out, which introduced Black Templars to the world. I've been with them ever since. :)

    That isn't to say I've not dabbled with other armies on the side though. The biggest venture has been the Dark Eldar, but I also played around with Necrons and Tyranids as well. :D

  5. I feel like I hit it on the first one. The Eldar were just a natural fit for me and I really liked the way the tanks looked. It took a failed experiment with Tau to show me how much I did like them, and even though I'm playing Space Wolves currently, I'll never put the Eldar up completely.

  6. 50 bucks he chooses Tau or Tyranids next... guy's got a swarm love, and isn't feeling it.

  7. Only one army? WAY back when I started with my Wolves, and I'd have to say that despite my problems with the current fluff they are probably my favorite overall... But saying that I have 6 full armies that I've collected over the last 20+ years :-)

  8. I fell in love with the Necrons from the first time I saw them

    (L) LOL

  9. Hang on, wait!!! Back up a minute. People ACTUALLY find an army for them?!?! What the hell am I doing wrong? :P

    Honestly, I've never been able to stick to just one force no matter what game I play. However I've enjoyed playing with every army I've ever owned, but for very different reasons.

    Do I have favourites? Hell yes:

    WFB: Always will be Wood Elves (even though they suck right now)
    40k: Craftworld Eldar (they don't suck as much as people say, they can be competitive still)
    Infinity: Yu Jing (it's the ninjas)
    Warmachine: Angry Elves (what can I say I love pointy ears)
    Hordes: Trollbloods (Its the tartan)

    I tend to mainly like armies from a visual standpoint first and if I fall in love with the way they look and the background invariably I'll find a damn way to make them work.