Monday, August 1, 2011

[RPG] Coming soon: GenCon Reports

That's right, all you RPG fanatics! GenCon is this week and I have all kinds of goodies for you this time around. While I can't go and report personally, I have recruited some minions-er, I mean reporters - to help me out.

I'll have pictures, war reports, tales from the land of GeekDom and Dude-Funk, also known as the Five Best Days In Gaming.

Stay tuned as the reports come rolling in from Indy!


  1. Very cool! I love this kind of stuff. If I can't be there (and I can't this time) it's always great to be able to read reports about the goings on.

    Could someone swing by the Hydra Miniatures stand and report on the new Pirate ships for War Rocket? If so, that would be awesome!


  2. shoot me an e-mail if you an the dude need somewhere away from the gamer funk to chill out for a while. maybe grill some brats, breathe fresh air.

    Doesn't look like it's going to work out for me to go down and Demo for Mantic this year though.

    most importantly: have fun!

  3. I can't be there this year. It bums me out and I know I'm going to be spending way too much time online looking at blogs and forae and Facebook updates for my own good.

  4. The best 5 days of thunder bellies, B.F.S-ers and turd fergusons. This is how "we" refer to Gen Con, and we love it. My clan will be there saturday for shenanigans

  5. FP: We're not going (unless TheDude has a MASSIVE surprise tucked away somewhere) but I have a large number of regulars who will allow me to post/repost their adventures for your perusal.

    THANK YOU very much for the offer. It is very much appreciated. Maybe I will con him into a road trip sometime soon...

  6. I have wanted to attend for years... Maybe the year after next, when I am back in the States.