Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[40K] Not A Loss

I didn't play at 40K the last session- a variety of reasons, but I didn't mind.

I let a friend use my Templar as proxies- a different friend than last time around. However, Darius is seriously upset with me as the friend proxied my zealots as 'NIDS. I heard some very unhappy words as I brought my bag back home, and I've tried to placate him with concepts of preaching to the infidels - but it's not an easy task. Something about Xenos scum and so forth.

I was fairly bogged down with the counter for most of the night. I missed watching my best pal playing his Orks with exception of a couple moments. I heard his WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH go off (man, he is loud) and I heard him laughing as he blew something up.

Things started to wrap up, and people started packing up. I overheard my buddy - "now the KP are 3 to 6" (in his opponent's favor) in a fun and lighthearted tone. A moment or two later, I heard a huge whoop and my friend began running around the store like a maniac.

He was shouting and hollering, happy as possible.

"I TIED!!!!! I TIED!!!! I TIED!!!!"

I was laughing, just enjoying the sheer ridiculousness of his antics for a moment or two. As I caught my breath, several people mentioned that they'd never seen anyone so happy about a tie. His response was simple, but enjoyable-

" I didn't lose!"

This was literally his third game, and he was over the moon happy over a tie. He's completely new at everything about playing and forgot a bunch of rules- but it didn't matter.

I love the game for moments like that- the sheer enjoyment of "not a loss" is well worth the headache and aggravation of the rules. I'm glad I got to see it.


  1. Woo Hoo! Glad he is enjoying the lads... Have to admit, that was always one army I thought would be "fun" at least... Win or lose, random stuff would happen... Just not really my style...

  2. I hope he keeps that excitement for as many years as he plays the game. Without it there's not much reason to play.