Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[40K] IG/BA vs BT/GK

This week's league game was against the team I forgot about- IG &BA. The team is composed of the youngest players in the league, something I really didn't notice until the LO pointed it out.

I was worried about a lot of shooting, and for good reason. We lost, even playing pretty aggressively. My partner summed it up pretty accurately- it was frustrating. Rather than just my snapshot, let's see how it went.

[I absolutely failed to get any sort of idea of their army list. I'm guessing here-

1 Chimera,
1 artillery tank thing
1 Predator (?) with TLLC
1 Vendetta
Dev squad with 4 plasma cannons
IC of unknown stripe (bronze with wings) and jumper crew
IG squad with Demo and melta inside small tank
Drop Pod
Furioso Dreadnaught]

We brought something kinda like: ( I can't completely remember. We made a last minute change from our pre-determined list that might not have been so wise)

EC (Accept any challenge)
5 Terminators w 2 CML and tank hunter
Crusader Squad (9)w LRC (dozer blade on the LRC)
Crusader Squad (5)
Razorback w/ TLLC

Grand Master
Purifier Squad in Rhino
Terminator Squad of GK doom

We had Spearhead with Seize Ground, 4 objectives. We finally got first turn and they declined to attempt to seize. (One of my opponents said that in objective games, it's better to go second. I have never found this to be true, but I really don't have a lot of experience.) We deployed across our deployment zone something like this:

Then we use a psychic scout move thing to advance a couple units some more. They put everything in reserves. On our turn,we move some more and then sit tight since there is nothing to shoot at. They can't come in, so turn 2 comes around very quickly.

We mostly sit tight again, waiting for something to do. Of course we move towards objectives, acting in a fairly aggressive fashion since there's really not a reason not to. The drop pod comes in behind my LRC, and out comes Furioso.

The rest of their units fail to come in on turn 2, so it's turn 3. We shoot at Furioso and the pod, do a little more scooting and getting onto objectives, but wait it out again. On turn 3, they STILL don't come in except for the artillery thing whose name I don't know. Of course, I shoot at it with my LRC.

Turn 4. Finally things to shoot at and things to do.  He brings in his Purifiers on a Rhino, as well as move through cover to get better shots and get on objectives. We shoot a lot- and get shot in return. My Termies go down pretty fast despite being in area cover. This was a big victory for them as the CML are a big part of our army. Then the IG blob comes in and takes out a ton of the GK termies. The tide is starting to change...

I missed almost the entirety of turn 5 due to being at the counter with a regular customer. Luckily, I have a great partner that I trust to kill heretics and mutants with much more effectiveness than I can. I came back and I was still alive- which was good news in my book, since his crew was kinda shaky.

Turn 6. My troops from inside the LRC are contesting an objective, but there's a vehicle on it so of course, we assault it to actually HOLD it. His last couple GK Termies are in HtH with Mephiston (uh-oh). I destroy the vehicle and bunker up on the objective, and then his GK are down to one.

After Mephiston wins in HtH with a Grey Knight terminator.

Turn 7- The last of my guys were in assault combat with Mephiston due to his jump move, and well- we got eaten for breakfast. We held on as long as we could, because my LRC was pushing towards the objective- but the IG guys immobilized it and this game was a wrap with them winning 2-0.

What I learned: It wasn't anything I did- I learned something really awesome by watching. My partner's use of cover to keep his guys within 50% or more of cover was amazing. He moved carefully and stretched his Terminators to the absolute maximum of the 2" coherency to get guys in a "conga line" across area terrain to area terrain and still stay "in cover"-it was masterful. In addition, his REMOVAL of GK was brilliant- he was careful to keep 50% or more of the unit in cover at all times- so when he had to take guys off the field, he always took guys that didn't hurt his cover ratio. I would never in a million years think of something like that if I had not seen him do it.

What I need to work on: With both my partner and I fielding small, expensive armies, I need to use everything I have to my advantage and not take silly stuff. A lasgun might not be the best choice against some of our opponents to come.

About my opponents:  I honestly don't mind losing to younger players- as I've said before, my son smokes me pretty often when I (rarely) play Warmachine. They were very pessimistic the first 3 turns- but when the guns started blazing, they got really into it. I enjoy the enthusiasm- they had fun. Their army was pretty tight, and set for Termies- which did not help us a lot. Despite some communication gaps between them, they did well and played a tough game.

I am looking at making a big change to my army... but I haven't decided yet. We'll see what my partner says and go from there...


  1. The kids have a really tight list. They smoked Joe L and I two weeks ago. It was not pretty, though it was fun.

    This week we lost to Mike and Greg, but after the game Greg asked me if I wouldn't mind some advice. I said I would love to hear what they had to say. Mike and Greg then sat down with us and told us what we did wrong during the game and how to fix it, along with ideas of things to change in our army list. It was very nice of them and I really appreciate that they took the time to talk to us.

    BTW, I think we play you guys next week.


  2. Kids often have more time to devote to games - I know I did! Take for example the teen SW player who won at NOVA and Adepticon - I expect that he probably gets more games in in a month than I did over the past year.

    The cover and casualty removal bits were very good to notice. It's also nice being able to peek your heavy weapon out in the open for good firing options while still keeping the squad in cover. Also, watch your opponents curse if your casualty removal leaves them out of assault range.

  3. :-) Yes, I'll be bringing something completely different next week... First "no terminators" list is months (ran Deathwing last league)... So, we'll see what shakes loose...

  4. I'm interested to see what you're thinking of changing Lo. :)

  5. Tom: That was very nice of them!

    Sons: I KNOW I'm improving- I'm noticing that stuff instead of focusing on rules or other stuff.

    P: NO TERMIES? No way =p Thatwill be a change for sure.

    Marshal: I'm thinking about a true gun line- I might steal directly from Nikephoros for fire effects and then throw in bodies for the Black Wave that inevitably comes after THEIR shooting phase.

  6. Was the weird tank thingy a Hydra? (Just thinking about what things an IG list might have; I have no clue if that's anything close to what it was.)