Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[40K] Don't Forget!

Woops! It's Wednesday and I totally forgot to post until late... better late than never, though!

So our 40K League decided to do a team league next. 1000 points per person, static army (but not list) and using BRB (with 1 reroll allowed for missions) for deployment.

We rolled for partners, which was interesting. I was very concerned about messing someone up really bad; I'm new AND I have a pretty limiting rule in my codex regarding psychic powers. All went well, though as I didn't get paired with the Chaos or Eldar player(s). I got a really good partner- a smart, well versed player that has played nearly every army and even when he's trying to lose, does well.

I'm hoping that if nothing else, I will learn a lot from this experience, and maybe come out of it a better player. I mean I could do worse, right?

My advice on getting stuff for free came up at 40K night... it looks like I might be trading off some bikes in exchange for something yet to be determined (mostly because I don't have a burning hole in my arsenal). We'll see, I'm still considering. 

Other items on the agenda-- DON'T FORGET about the HOP Blog Roll Naming Contest! These guys pimped me up something fierce when I had my contest; and they let me write for them once a week- I gotta return the favor. Hit up your creative cells and give these guys something awesome!

Details here:

 All right, next week- a batrep!


  1. "Big Red Book" the common nickname for the 40k rules book.

  2. Ah, okay. My mind got stuck on 'Be Right Back' and I knew that wasn't it.

  3. I always thought BRB stood for Basic RuleBook. Never heard the Big Red Book before.

    I have never done a team league before, sounds like fun.

  4. Big Red Book originates from WFB, I believe, where the Big Book in question is actually Red. I'd have thought 40K would have a BBB.

  5. I had a good time last night. Joe and I ended up being teamed up, and we got p'owned by the guys we played. Even though we lost badly I did learn a few things. Number one is that we need to build a better army.

    I didn't know exactly how the shared force organization worked until I saw what our opponents had done with their army. They obviously sat down and discussed who's troops could best fulfill each choice in their army and it really worked for them.

    One thing I don't quite understand is how the force organization chart works at larger point levels. What exactly can we field at 2000 points? I think that Joe and I took too many troop choices and were lacking in heavy hitters, which hurt us...a lot.

    Any help you can give me will be much appreciated.