Wednesday, February 16, 2011

[40K] Grab Bag - Including WIP shots!

GMort's article about blaming dice made me smile. He's right, for the most part. But sometimes, you CAN blame the dice. 

Really. ONE six and 9 ones (1 not visible in picture)

This week I did a lot of admiring. My Chaos-As-Space-Wolves friend showed me these:

Pointy Land Raider!

A Flamer. So fun!
I did get a game in against The Star Wars Imperial Guard Army. His Sentinels are really nice!

We played a pitched battle game where he seized initiative. We did a lot of blowing each other up to a mutually satisfying draw. I'll try to do a full bat rep later this week.

As one might expect, a guy with an army like this has a big personality. He was more than happy to model with his models!

Brother Darius continues to slay Heretics. Here, he's got a Guardsman hanging by that lovely sword.

And here's the  hill after the assault phase:

I'm finally getting a little painting done. I am trying to achieve a brushed dark metal look- black, without USING black.


Using Ral Partha's Steel as a wash.


Using P3's Armor Wash as a wash

In person, I much prefer the Steel wash- it's got a slightly metallic look and gives a much darker feel. In pictures, it's tough to see a difference.

I've been putting off makimg my army ready to play long enough. I went through last night and sorted- what needs "repairing", what needs primed, and what needs painted.

I have a large batch of little plastic Space Doodz ready to prime. It's big enough it will probably take several batches to get them all done.

In addition to repairing some broken models, I'm putting new "choppy" arms on about 30 guys. I'm also considering putting together that Storm Raven. It has a lotta parts! (But thankfully comes with instructions)

I'll probably be throwing some guys into the purple lake tonight as well- I'm tired of the Ugly Crusade.

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  1. In pictures they both look effective, dark, aged and even pensive.

  2. If you are doing test models for your scheme and want a metallic black, can I suggest this:
    Basecoat boltgun metal
    Wash at least 4 times with badab black all over the model, heavily.

  3. Go Darius! I really hope he didn't get shot off the top of that hill at the end of that combat. It looks like he could have done. Sad Von is sad at that.

    Those Chaos conversions are tasty, by the way. I'm glad someone else has been thinking what I've been thinking as regards Chaos models. :D

  4. Porky: yes, in person as well. They're not finished yet, but not looking horrible, either.

    Fester: well, the idea is to avoid using black at all, if I can. If not, that's ok- that's why these are "tests". If it doesn't work, I'll gladly try your recipe!

    Von: No, Darius avoided a barrage of lascannon fire from the Sentinels as well as 1st rank, 2nd rank fire from IG doodz. He's making a serious impression on my faithful- about 20 of them upgraded their arms to swords tonight to better emulate his perfection.

    Aren't those Chaos lovely? I have scads more pics if you're interested that I could send privately.

  5. Swords are cool. Black Templars with swords are especially cool. This news pleases me.

    If you could pass on some more Chaos pics I'd be very grateful. It's... research. Yeah.

  6. I like to blame dice too... Especially these black ones with the funny eared helmets! Joking aside, the custom dice are excellent, thanks for them!

  7. The black armour looks nice.. think the one on the left grabs my attention because there seems to be more great/lighted areas.

  8. weee Ral Partha!! Do you actually get to find these paints to buy or you have some leftovers like myself? I loved steel as a color unfortunately it ran out.

    Anywayz, I wouldn't wash steel on the model, I would drybrush it picking those details and leaving it with a metal effect.

  9. Mihalis: Had it as a left over. I really love the color- it's pretty much perfect.

    I might try the drybrushing... as I said, these are test models.