Thursday, February 24, 2011

[40K] BT vs IG x 2

I've played against 2 different IG armies in the past 2 weeks.

The first was against the Star Wars army, which was mostly Sentinels and lots of blob squads. This particular scenario was pitched battle, with objectives rather than VP. The game was a lot of fun with back and forth elements- his army essentially trying to shoot mine to pieces; and mine trying to chop his to bits before he could do so.

A general look at our deployment:

I had Terminators in reserve to deepstrike, and a Rhino with Cru squad not visible here. 

I also tried the VenDread again, this time with TLLC.

Unfortunately, my opponent viewed TLLC as "bad" and shot the daylights out of my poor Dread. Despite lots of concentrated firepower, he stayed alive, but didn't get into CC until the very end of the game, and did a whole lot of nothing.

No, his arm was not blown off. The arm was to another model and didn't fit this fellow. 

Honestly, this game was so much fun, I think we forgot about objectives and trying to win. We did a lot of  "pew-pew" noises, and just had a blast trying to shoot each other off the board. I mean, who wouldn't have fun against a guy that loves his army this much?

At the end of the game, we were at a draw- I held an objective, and another was hotly contested. 

I had a tough time against 6 Sentinels and 3 blob squads- but I think I'm learning.

What I learned: Sometimes a fun game is just what you need.

What I can work on: Concentrating firepower against stuff that can blow me up. (Also known as "target priority".) I still haven't figured this out.

About my opponent: He's a semi-regular dude around the store. He's a total ham, and something of a goof- but he is a BLAST to play against and I had a good time. Thanks, FoggyGolem!

My next game was against an entirely different sort of IG list. This one was meched up beyond belief- he was bringing SIX hydras! (Well, sort of. He proxied some Chimeras in. One of them has a cool conversion getting started.)

He also had some Vendettas.  They were really pretty and well magnetized to make transport and wreckage easier. 

I brought some long range firepower- TLLC, to be exact.

On a Predator AND a Dread. 

Unfortunately, my opponent had a plan for that.

Meltas. Lots of em. 

We used the Rules of Engagement and had Long Table Edges for deployment, with my Primary Objective being "Mixed Signals". (Holding 2 objective markers determined by die roll.) His Primary was to take all my units down to below 50%.

I was pretty excited about this game, because I held my own and didn't get flustered, even when both my Pred and my Dread were blown up on turn 1. I kept my focus on trying to gain objectives, and kill stuff along the way.

Brother Darius on the way to kill some IG scum.

Getting to close combat showed how monstrous BT can be, if the opponent shoots a lot. I got no less than 10 inches of free movement due to Righteous Zeal, and it made a huge difference in the balance of the game. I was really bemoaning this rule at first- but now I understand how beneficial it can be.

This game was very close, with a lot of back and forth. At the end of turn 5, we were at a draw. I hoped to be able to end the game- it honestly would have been a moral victory at that point; doing so well against a tough mech IG list and a VERY good player. When we went on to turn 6, I was decimated and he won in a landslide. I still felt pretty good overall, and wasn't too disappointed.

Then I went home and totaled up my list- and I was way over. I truly feel bad- I surely didn't intend to cheat my opponent. I played at the spur of the moment (in fact running home to get my bag) and didn't have a list ready; and guessed at totals. I hope that he'll give me another chance, with an under limit list, this time.

What I learned: I need to find a way to deal with my opponent seizing initiative. It's happened 3 times in a row now, and it has really mattered.

What I can improve on: Being more prepared- having my bag with me, a list ready, etc.

About my opponent: A really good tactical player who knows his army's capabilities very well. He was playing an experimental list and still killed me. If I'd been "legal" on points, he would have smoked me right off the board.


  1. those are some... ummmmm.... interesting IG models he's got there

  2. These games sound to have gone way better than the previous ones you posted.

    You've had the initiative stolen three times against you in so few games? Damn. I've probably had it happen to me three times in over two years. Anyway, it's simple, deploy defensively. Knowing you have first turn means you can deploy more aggressively than you would with second turn, however that doesn't mean leave yourself completely unprotected either. Make use of terrain and obstacles, whatever you can. Even if you want to smash his head in on turn one or two, don't deploy with no cover just for the sake of getting closer. Being closer with no cover is going to bite you if the initiative is stolen. However, if you're using cover and hiding things as best you can while still being aggressive, well at least it's not all lost if initiative is stolen.

  3. Dethtron: you mean the Star Wars guy? I think they're hilarious. It's a game, which is supposed to be fun. I dug it.

  4. Looks like you're gettin' the feel for things. Though the first few times you deal with IG manticores, it'll feel like you got hit with a train.

    Now - somebody get that guy some ewoks for counts as ratlings!

  5. One thing I've noted about her games was that she wasn't using the full potential of cover.
    Sure getting to an objective is paramount to victory, but Assault teams and Termies popping in out of nowhere should cover that.
    I'll be at the store this Sunday and Monday and I'll show you what I'm talking about.
    @Lauby: GENIOUS!!!!

  6. Lauby & Thor: overall, yes, these are going better and I think I finally have at least a hazy idea of what I should be doing.

    TFG: see, I thought I was doing better with cover. I'll have to see what you do on Monday.