Wednesday, January 12, 2011

[Birthday] Announcing a CONTEST!!!

My birthday is coming up soon! Instead of getting presents, I decided to give stuff away. 

As a reward for following along my little corner of the blog world, I will have a contest. It's actually a two part contest, intended to touch on both of the 'major" sides of my gaming life.

This is also a not-at-all-shameless grab for readers! I hope to break 100 followers before the contest is over. A special goodie will go to my 100th and 101st follower!

Contest 1 - Intended for the Wordy Folks (RPG players, language majors, word nerds)

Come up with a Motto/Slogan for World of Wonder.
Use 15 words or less to describe me and my blog. Funny, witty, and alliterative entries encouraged.

Contest 2- Intended for the Visually Minded (Graphic designers, artists, folks that play with computers)

Come up with a Banner for World of Wonder. (EDIT: 950x200-450 in size)
Use graphics, images, drawings or other visual media to convey my personality and my blog. Using references from older posts, repeating themes of posts or comments, or ridiculous riffs on stuff I've said are welcome.

What are the rules? 
1- No more than 4 entries per entrant. I don't care if they are all in the same contest or spread out over both, but you only get 4 chances.

2- It's my blog, and my birthday. I pick the winner of each contest with my own personal metrics.

3- You have a month to enter! Entries must be sent by email (available in my profile) and received by my birthday: 10:00 AM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME, Saturday, February 12, 2011.

What do I win? 

I am working on an awesome looty prize for each winner- but because it's a birthday, the presents are a surprise.They will most likely have some relevance to miniatures and/or roleplaying in some way. It's entirely possible I will tailor the prizes to match the entrant, but I am not telling yet.

--I totally promise they will NOT! be lame-- Be assured that if you win, you'll get something wonderful... because it's my world, and I love to bring out the childlike wonder all around me.

I'll do a weekly post with updates on number of entries and what kinds of fabulous goodies you might win as the month goes on. Spread the word- I want this to be kind of like a virtual party, and the more, the merrier in my book!

I look forward to whatever entries might come in- and good luck!


  1. That's an awesome way to celebrate, this is going to be a fun month for sure! Since I've got no qualifying talent for option #2, I'll get started on a prize-worthy logo right away.

  2. Happy b-day!

    Any idea what size you are looking for on the banner?

  3. Thor: it embarrasses me to no end that I have no clue what someone needs to consider when sizing a banner.... um... crap.

  4. Well, if you don't know exact dimensions, which is fine, I assume this would go at the top of your blog? Assuming that's true, would you like it to be wide enough to cover this content area and your right nav bar, just the content area like your blog title and tag line do, etc? Is it going to completely replace the background you have at the top or be something that sits on that background?

  5. Thor: I edited... I'm looking for 950 x at least 200 and up to 450. (Depth isn't as important as width)

  6. "Depth isn't as important as width"

    First time I've heard a woman say that!

  7. ROFL, someone tell Dethtron to add that to the HoP's quote roll!

  8. O lordy. Seriously though it should go on the quote roll.

  9. ...Yeah, it really should!

    Also, Happy Birthd...wait, it's in a month?! I shall say it then! :P

    Heh, 'word nerd'....

    Also, that is an insane number of tags.

  10. TKE: I am a huge fan of tags and I am somewhat known for overkill.

  11. What kind of slogan/motto/banner-ish wordy thing are you looking for?