Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Back!

While I'm not totally well, I am feeling tremendously better. A couple days off made a world of difference.

I mentioned a new schedule a while ago- I am still working on that. For now, I'm posting "Whatever" and trying to enjoy it.

I have some additions to my blogroll. I was chided for not sharing, so here are the goodies I remember adding recently:

Newest HOP Staff Member

Space Wolves, Grr

It's Good To Be The King

Does It Go To Eleven?

Crusading Against the Dark

He Talks More Than I Do!

It's Sandy

Who Doesn't Love Orks?

Different Enough

I hope you enjoy these guys. I'm still poking around some of the sites, so I haven't fully learned all of their interesting tidbits to share.

Be Well,



  1. That's a great list of blogs, Loquacious. Da Masta Cheef from DLWDG was the first person to leave a comment on diceRolla, offering me advice on how to drive across mountains without ruining my ankle from riding my brakes so much. Also last spring he drybrushed a full-sized triceratops skeleton which I think it pretty freakin' cool. Here's the address for his post introducing the dino project:


    I'm glad you're feeling better, take care!

  2. Glad to see you're up and about once again. Never fun being sick. Finally getting over my sickness as well. :D

    Also, I could post less if you'd like...

    Haha. Just playing. Thanks for the plug. ;)

  3. I bet it must be really hard to get some rest while being a full time mom on top of everything else. I spent the last three days with my nephew (4) and niece (6) and I am already exhausted! Your endurance must be much greater than mine though. Hope you recover 100% soon. Cool blog list too!

  4. Thanks a lot for adding me. Sorry to hear you've been unwell.