Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A General Musing of the Random sort

[This is sort of filler due to not having an RPG session to write up this week. It's also on my mind.]

So I am fairly well known for misreading things on a pretty regular basis. Sometimes, I SEE things "wrong" too.

The FTW logo? I did not "get it" for MONTHS.

Wanna know what I saw?

I saw an Egyptian Mummy (with the wrapped beard and everything) facing to the right; with a really -really-really WEIRD hat.

I just didn't see a Space Marine in profile facing LEFT, spewing bullets. Just... didn't.


  1. holy crap, I see it now too... a pharaoh profile into the red colour.

  2. Gah! What is seen now can not be unseen!

  3. I always saw that. I can make it go back and forth. I'm weird like that.

  4. I have a big "FTW" in my main chest tattoo. It means something a bit different. :)

  5. Weird! And now I can't unsee it!

  6. hmmm must be a pre-heresy Thousand Son...

  7. Ya know, sometimes things are just better left to yourself.

  8. Wow!

    It's there - I can see it!

    [Are you a witch?]

    - D.

  9. I have a "FTW" tattoo atop my right arm, again, meaning something somewhat different ^^