Thursday, September 2, 2010

Painted Model Pic-Destroyer

Here you can see that I still need work on details and "cleanliness"- I have a lot of bleedover in tight areas,  as well as un"square" corners. I'm also seeing seams from molds I probably should have filed down prior to priming/painting. However, I still love the colors.


I can't figure out how to turn that one. I tried 2 or 3 times.

Hope you like him.

Next in my "show & tell" series will be some unfinished figs that I am stuck on, but love. (Doomies, folks!) Look for them in a week or so.


  1. It looks really nice. The best part is the Khador Logo. It's elegant in its simplicity, but looks gorgeous, and showcases your brush control. I would have to do that with drybrushing trickery (my hands shake), but it looks like you did it the harder (but nicer) way of freehanding.

    As for the sideways pic, that is just blogger's preference for landscape rather than portrait, you can edit the pic itself in paint by using "image...flip/rotate...rotate, then selecting 270 degrees" then upload it. I have to do all my photos this way, since blogger has never let me fix them.

  2. Nice looking paint job. I think some washes might help to give it some more depth, but then again I'm a huge fan of washes anyway. The inside of the gun barrel is a very nice touch.