Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[WOD] Austin by Night: Session 7 as Eile

The session started off with TK following Eile home from work at the Hedge Row. However, Eile isn't GOING home. She heads over to a local strip club. She pays TK's way in (very unusual for her), finds him a seat, and excuses herself for a moment. TK has no idea what's going on- he fails just about every roll he can for a clue.

Music starts, and Eile comes out onto the stage in practically nothing aside from knee-high leather boots. Quite a lot of money makes its way into the boots, all the while TK watches, mouth agape. He and his Geist, Frank, have a very animated conversation; with Frank encouraging TK to watch the proceedings. Frank comforts TK and even goads him on into further voyeurism as Eile performs several private shows and lap dances. Frank seems to be 'saving up for later', as his directions are aimed at finding the fellows ogling Eile and disposing of them at a later date. Eile gathers quite a bit of Glamour as well as gains Resources during the show.

After Eile's shift is over, TK walks her home. Eile determines that TK enjoyed the show very much, and wants a private viewing. The couple heads to Eile's apartment, only to discover Bruce awake and around. Eile quickly makes a run to her room to change clothes, and TK and Eile head to TK's apartment over the Hedge Row.

The couple are alone and finally consumate the relationship. TK suggests that Bruce needs a girlfriend (or simply to get laid) and Eile's mind buzzes with possibilities. She privately considers ways to manuver a girl from the strip joint into Bruce's life while TK continues talking.

Later, Eile heads downstairs and winds up working. She sees TK talking with someone she mentally calls "Cowboy" and casually asks what the conversation entails. TK totally lies to Eile about the conversation, but something in the wording gets Eile thinking about another topic and she doesn't mind or notice. [She and TK are fairly evenly matched vs each other on Subterfuge and Persuasion, so they often cancel each other out and lies/falsehoods are pretty easy to miss against each other.]

Eile has now come up with an idea for gaining even more money and Glamour, as well as possibly disposing of a problem element in her world. All she needs to do is hire some bodyguards. [That's for next session.]


  1. Eile really seems to know how to have a good time!

  2. Interesting...I'm curious to see how this turns out.