Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paint & Metal

I have a large collection of WarMachine figures. I truly enjoy painting miniatures and I might just pick back up once my house is more unpacked. I recently asked for a critique on my painting ability and the scheme I picked, but realized I have so much undone it isn't funny. So maybe more critiques will come.

Here's the list of what I have:



Assault Commandos
Doom Reavers
Man-O-War Shock Troopers
Man-O-War Demo Corps
Man-O-War Kovnik
Iron Fang Pikemen
And Fluffy the War Dog

So now I have a good bit. I might actually be able to field an army if I ever decide to play... but I don't know about that yet.  Some of them came with paint because I bought them used, and I can live with that. For the most part, they match what I already have going one. One or two squads will need to be repainted because they are very shiny silver rather than the grungy brass theme I'm doing.

And I am trying to keep to Khador, but I'm not really trying to PLAY. I am interesting in painting at this point. Why Red? I just like the way they RedMachine looks, and find it easy to paint. There's a lot of wide, open metal to put my brushes on, and that's just the way I like it until I get MUCH, MUCH better.

I'm ----- NO. GOOD. ---- at "fiddly bits".


  1. I don't play Warmachine, but I'm really drawn to Khador. I just like the aesthetic of a red army against a snowy background (part of the reason that 40 Days of Night was so fun to watch).

    Here's a link to a painting website specifically geared toward Warmachine and Hordes. This article is on basing a more natural-looking tree-fall theme, but I thought it would look even better with some evergreen foliage and snow on the base with a rusty red war jack treading over it.

  2. Woops...forgot to add the link:

  3. Here's another article about snow basing:

  4. Once I am more unpacked, I will find my light and I'll post some pics. I LOVE my jacks, and my Doomies have a very unusual look that turned out much cooler than I intended.