Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I am finalizing the last bits of my character for a HS6E game a friend is running starting next week. I'll be playing alongside my husband - which is always interesting.

Most of the time I enjoy it, but there are others when it makes me absolutely nuts. He has a very dominant personality, and sometimes he runs a little roughshod over other people in the game. The flip side of that is sometimes absolutely nothing gets done without him to push it forward, so it does even out.

I have to say that Hero holds a very special place in my heart- my first gaming experience was 3rd edition Champions. It was an absolute blast. I learned so much by playing Champs rather than D& D or some other fantasy-oriented game to start out. I clearly remember cussing (loudly and often) about the amount of math in the game.I was forced to learn multiplication, division, decimals & fractions, percentages and economy of points. I still failed at some crucial lessons; a very famous one involves my complete inability to do any operation involving "8"s.

I have to say that 6E is really frustrating for me, because I am so familiar with the old rules I have trouble adapting to the new ones. The change away from figured statistics is truly a hard concept for me, as is -BUYING- OCV & DCV. I was also very disappointed that they got rid of EC's.

I have a very specific way I need to learn new rules- it often involves a lot of paper and pencil, and about 80 drafts of the same idea. It took me well over a month of stop-and-start attempts, but I finally came up with a complete character that I really enjoy. It's not a new one (I've played this character very briefly in a 4th Ed game) but it's fully fleshed out, with all the points and so forth.

This is a big deal for me, because I usually write down a few key elements I want in a character. The I hand it over to my husband, and say "make it work". My husband is a rules monkey extraordinaire, especially Hero system. He knows so many tricks, has so many unusual ideas, and understands the flexibility of the rules so well, I almost always defer to him.

I did want to expose myself to the new rules and some of the new mechanics, so I forced myself to make my own character, with pencil and paper. I cannot honestly say I enjoyed the process- it was actually pretty frustrating, but I'm proud that I did it and I am proud of the result.

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  1. I hear you about dominant players. I gamed with a husband/wife duo who were major spotlight grabbers. It was tough. I pretty much sat in the corner the who night.

    Good luck with Hero. What a massive, massive tome you wield!