Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Game (Mostly Changeling) thoughts

Adam Lambert is a Fairest. Unearthly beautiful, overly dramatic, intoxicating voice, absolutely heartless (I mean, flaunting something I can't have), relentlessly ambitious.

Lilo & Stitch as a Changeling story- A world full of strange, weird creatures with unfathomable reasons and rationale for their actions, set about to torture and punish an inhabitant for some farce of an infraction. Said inhabitant escapes- and due to the monstrous treatment received in the other realm, acts like a selfish abomination. A chase ensues to bring the escaped inhabitant home- a dangerous, dramatic and overdone chase, too. The escapee encounters new beings on the new "home" and slowly learns how to be less of a monster - and those the escapee loves now become endangered. The escapee risks everything to rescue those loved ones to protect them from the same abuse received by the captors prior to the escape.

Depth vs Humor- each has a place and has value, but which do I prefer, and why? Does it depend on the group? Do I determine my preference after I enter the game, or before? All thoughts to ponder.

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