Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Playing Types

I have a very mixed bag of friends when it comes to gaming. Some of my friends are very much into the "killing Orcs for beer money" kind of mentality. Otheres are a little more in depth than that, but they're very narrative, and only when it is "their turn". I have a few friends that really have seriously meaty characters that they love exploring in depth, and wearing like a second skin.

I've noticed a tendency among the people I game with to play certain "types"- one of my friends is notorious for playing "lone wolf" kinds of characters, even in a group setting. Another friend ALWAYS plays a leader/charasmatic character, even when there are other choices for that role.

I have a tendency to play characters that are emotionally damaged in some way. Some of my past characters were more screwed up than others, and some were more obscure than truly unhinged. I don't have any issue playing against gender or against my own personal mindset. I will admit that playing a character that is unlike me in more than one specific way is exceptionally difficult.

I enjoy the challenge, and often give myself little tests to see if I am doing it "right". Many times, I do the opposite of my own personal inclination just to be more in line with the character.

It's when the character is dramatically different that I start to have major issues. For a calm, reasonable and fairly open-minded person, it is truly difficult to play an implusive, instinctual and judgemental role. The kind of thinking it takes to get into that head is truly problematic and I used to struggle with it all the time.

Then I went back to playing my type- the thinking, careful, slightly damaged character.

And it's easy. It's what I am good at, and what I feel comfortable doing. It's what I like most and where I can get the truest response, the deepest emotion and most intense action. It's where I can wear my second skin.

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